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KISS – Lima, Peru 2009

The place? The “Estadio Nacional”. The People? The KISS Army. The time? Nine o’clock. There was a lot of people, all different ones… young people waiting to see if the band was as good as their parents had said. Old people with their eyes filled with joy.


Kapten Röd – Stockholm, Sweden 2012

Swedish Reggae is a genre as unthinkable as German Salsa or something like that. Nevertheless, Kapten Röd (Captain Red in English) is one of the most popular new artists in Sweden right now.

INA KAA – Stockholm, Sweden 2011 2

INA KAA – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

Kristin Amparo is involved in several projects. You readers of YAM know her as the lead singer of Combo De La Musica, a band about whom I’ve written before. This evening, Kristin stood alone with her two companions that make up INA KAA, Kristin’s solo project.