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Mofeta & Jerre feat. Spidergods – Stockholm, Sweden 2012

Seeing Mofeta & Jerre live is pure love. There is so much energy being thrown around in the room, so much fun. Mofeta raps quickly, keeping up the high tempo all night long. Jerre plays his guitar and sweats like he is playing for his life. Add to it the amazing Spiderdogs band, all that soul, jazz and funk and this concert turned into a potpourri of music genres with a whole lot of jam.

INA KAA – Stockholm, Sweden 2011 2

INA KAA – Stockholm, Sweden 2011

Kristin Amparo is involved in several projects. You readers of YAM know her as the lead singer of Combo De La Musica, a band about whom I’ve written before. This evening, Kristin stood alone with her two companions that make up INA KAA, Kristin’s solo project.