Category: book reviews


Esi Edugyan – Half-Blood Blues

Jazz musicians of mixed nationalities and ethnicities struggle to survive Nazi Berlin and occupied Paris. Decades later, the survivors still face the consequences of their choices.


Michael Chabon – Telegraph Avenue

It’s 2004 in the Temescal district, and a local celebrity has decided that he’ll “return to his roots” by opening another branch of his mega chain entertainment store in the neighborhood. Should Nat and Archy fight the power? Who will help them?


Rhys Ford – Dirty Secret

In the sequel to Dirty Kiss, we find Detective Cole McGinnis yet again in the line of fire, as he tries to locate Shin-Cho’s missing father. However, with Jae-min now in the mix there’s much more on the line for Cole than simply trying to stay alive long enough to close this case.


Howard Shapiro – The Stereotypical Freaks

In the past few years, the world has witnessed the rise of Apple, the fall of Xanga, and the slow, insidious creep of Justin Bieber’s haircut — all things that have seriously altered the paths of teenagers everywhere. Despite the tidal changes in trend, however, one thing stays the same: High school sucks.