Category: book reviews


Olivia Mayfield – Ten Days

In a society that has lost what it is to be a human being Cally and Marshal seek love. But as panic rushes through the world, the two must risk everything they have to rescue the ones they love.


Thomas Tryon – Lady (1974)

A young boy strikes up a friendship with the mysterious Lady, but this friendship and his notions about the world will be challenged by tempers and scandal.


Pedro Suarez Vertiz – Yo, Pedro

Yo, Pedro pretty much deals with past stories from his life, including family, his musical career and many of his thoughts on diverse topics as well as addressing one of his latest issues: his motor neuron disease, the one thing that has kept him away from the spotlight.


Young Avengers #1-5

In 2012, Marvel Comics gave us Marvel NOW!, a relaunch of several ongoing comic books. That means several comics restarted with a #1 issue. Amongst them was Young Avengers.