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Amy Lane – Sidecar (2012)

Sidecar doesn’t need verbose overstatements of appreciation, exaggerated appeals of its brilliance. A story is as simple as love itself, it stands alone and shines on its own merits.


Arthur Phillips – The Tragedy of Arthur

No matter whether Shakespeare stirs your appreciation, dislike, or indifference, The Tragedy of Arthur is an engaging novel, blurring the borders between authenticity and forgery, and examining The Bard’s hold on Western culture.


Batman: Knight of Vengeance

What if little Bruce Wayne was the one to be killed by Joe Chill, and his father Thomas went on to be Batman? Knight of Vengeance answers that question with a story set in an alternate version of the DC universe.


Chang-rae Lee – Aloft

Chang-rae Lee’s prose is so lyrical, he could build grocery shopping up as the epicenter of a crisis in singularity, transform clipping toenails into an existential quandary, and make sorting the recycling a prophecy of something tragic in the Greek sense of the word.