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Crowd Lu – Trust Myself

Crowd Lu (盧廣仲) is back with Trust Myself (一定要相信自己), composed with Cheer Chen, Zhong Chenghu and The Sea People (討海人).


Dead Pirates – UGO

UK band Dead Pirates has released a brand new music video to promote their single Ugo, a 1920s Silly Symphony-styled animated music video by McBess.


Khalil Fong – Wu Kong

Khalil Fong has just released his latest song titled Wu Kong (悟空), from his upcoming studio album, JTW (JTW西遊記), directed by Neysan Sobhani.


Yoga Lin – Unshakeable Rascals

Yoga Lin is back with a brand new song titled Unshakeable Rascals (熱血無賴) from his upcoming studio album, Sell Like Hot Cakes (今日營業中), directed by Aikolove Liu Ming-Chun (劉明群).


Tété – Persona Non Grata

Tété is back with new material titled Persona Non Grata, the first extract of his upcoming album titled Les Chroniques de Pierrot Lunaire, directed by Tristan Trégant and Richard Bismuth.