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Laure Shang – Nightmare

After the release of her first multi-language album Nightmare, Laure Shang releases the single of the same name. The video of the song was shot in a forest in Canada and sports a bizarre dark style.

Take That/Fake That – Happy Now 1

Take That/Fake That – Happy Now

On this year’s Red Nose Day, Take That and “Fake That” got together to make sketches to raise money for charity. They have now released the MV for Happy Now, a song from Take That’s latest album Progress.


Yu Heng – Life?!

Life?! is the single from Yu Heng’s 2010 album From Here to There (从这里到那里) and was directed by Bryant Liew of Malaysian company mobudget.


Yisa Yu – Dream

Dream (夢想紀念日) is Mainland China’s Yisa Yu Kewei’s first hit single in Taiwan. The song was written by lyricist Tina Wang (王雅君) with a style that most resemble happy Chinese music with melancholic hints composed by Yu herself.


Waa Wei – Shangri-La

Former lead vocalist of Taiwanese band Natural Q, Wei Ru Xuan — often referred to as Waa or Wah Wah, as in “doll” in Mandarin — releases her single Shangri-La (香格里拉) from her latest EP Where/Zai Na Li (在哪裡), released late January this year.