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Roger Yang – Moonlight

Taiwanese musician Roger Yang, also know as Yang Pei-An (楊培安), releases a brand new single called Moonlight (月光) to promote the release of his sixth studio album The Seeds of Hope (希望的種子), released just a week ago.


F.I.R. – Chapter VI Atlantis

F.I.R. (飛兒樂團/飞儿乐团) releases its new single Chapter VI Atlantis (第六章 亞特蘭提斯) from their upcoming 6th album Atlantis (亞特蘭提斯), set to launch on April 15th.


Bonnie Pink – The Sun Will Rise Again

Japanese singer songwriter Bonnie Pink has released a single called The Sun Will Rise Again, written specifically for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11th. Includes lyrics + romaji + translation.

rockcatz – Benjamin MV 0

rockcatz – Benjamin MV

This video was released back in February, but I forgot to share it on here. Rockcatz makes their official debut with their first single Benjamin.

Zhao Lei – The Southern Girl 2

Zhao Lei – The Southern Girl

Born in 1986 in Beijing, China, Zhao Lei (雷子) participated on the Quick Sketch Thru Music (速写穿乐) compilation in 2009 with The Winter of Beijing (北京的冬天). He later was signed in 2010 and has released songs like People’s Homes (人家) and The Southern Girl (南方姑娘).