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S.H.E – Dear Tree Hollow

Rainbows and puppies Taiwanese trio S.H.E celebrate some more with the Blossomy DVD and the release of the final music video of their album titled Dear Tree Holllow (親愛的樹洞, Qin Ai de Shu Dong) at the hand of COSMOS.


Nek featuring Sergio Dalma – La Mitad de Nada

Italian singer Nek has recently released his 11th album titled with his real name, Filippo Neviani, and has released the music video for the Spanish single La Mitad de Nada featuring Spanish singer Sergio Dalma, directed by Marco Salom.


Maroon 5 – Love Somebody

Maroon 5 released their latest single titled Love Somebody with a good-looking paint-related music video directed by Rich Lee. Withotu fail, it also includes Adam Levine groping his female star.


Bibi Zhou – Vase with Flowers

Bibi Zhou has alternatively released the music video for Vase with Flowers (花樽與花, Fa Jun Yue Fa in jyutping), which is the Cantonese version of her latest single Close Friend.


Denise Ho – Alcohol and Cigarette

Denise Ho has released the fifth single from her latest album Coexistence (共存), titled Alcohol and Cigarette (酒精和菸), written by Sodagreen’s Wu Tsing-Fong and composed by Hong Kong’s now-popular indie darlings Chochukmo, who are featured on the low-budget clip.