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Best Worst Movies EVER 12

Best Worst Movies EVER

Screen Junkies put together a list of Best Worst Movies Ever, which included Showgirls and Spice World at the top. So we decided to get some of the staff to talk about their Best Worst Movies~


Cinemovida’s Silent Fest

Cinema is the tool by excellence to make a narrative out of mere image and sound. That’s why Cinemovida created Silent Fest, a way to showcase the local Puerto Rican film industry talent.


A Brief History of Title Design

Put together by Ian Albinson, founder of The Art of the Title Sequence, this video presentation was shown for the SXSW Excellence in Title Design competition screening.


Korean Film Blogathon 2011 Highlights

And so the first Korean Film Blogathon by and cineAWESOME came and went, with bloggers around the world writing about anything Korean Cinema related. A whole week with over 100 entries all about the good, the bad, and the weird — pun intended — of Korean films.


Why I Love Korean Cinema

It’s a week of Korean extravaganza and who better than me to talk about it? *laughs* Well, jokes aside, there is something about Korean cinema that really intrigues me and here is my chance to talk about it!


Beginner’s Guide to Early Best Picture Winners

Even some of your most discerning film fanatics will tell you there’s a handful of Best Picture winners they’ve never seen, perhaps never even heard of. I am happy to say I have seen every Best Picture winner from the very first winning film — Wings — to the most recent winner — The Hurt Locker. I now present to you ten early Best Picture winners that are criminally under-seen.