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Food and Music: Global American Culture

I’m about to talk about food that may divide people on whether or not they have culinary merits, just like when people feel divided on the artistic merits of pop music.

Meeting Milow 0

Meeting Milow

In where I meet Belgian singer-songwriter Milow, get charmed by him, get an exclusive interview and fall in love.


Kpop and Swing

In where I look closely in to Kpop and some of the trends that seem to be going on at the moment, complain about Hyun Joong Kim’s latest song and look forward to Secret’s album.

Interview Success? 2

Interview Success?

In where I share how my interview with Nathan from Snow Patrol went, wonder if I did a good job, delude myself that I did and hope the end result will be readable.


Interview Woes

In where I get a litte anxious about interviewing Snow Patrol, to excited about interviewing James Morrison and listen to Little Majorette to calm my nerves.