YinYueTai Japan Content Region Restriction?

“Sorry! This video is not available in the region because of the copyrights matter.”

So… I was updating broken video links (of mostly Japanese content) on the website, when I ran into this Region Restriction message on my now go-to, almost favorite [1] music video website YinYueTai. To tell you the truth, I was shocked… and a little disheartened. The basic idea is that in Mainland China uploading content for sharing is… well, not illegal.

Of course, the non-illegality of the content doesn’t mean that is completely legal either. But YinYueTai seemed to have been working with labels to upload their content and to keep it as transparent as possible. Also, for a couple of weeks, I had noticed that some labels already seemed to have their own Official YinYueTai pages — Korea’s S.M. Entertainment [1] and YG Entertainment [1], and Sony Music [1] — and as soon as that happens, I start to get blocked from content.

As a fan who loves entertainment not at the exact reach of my hand, it breaks my spirit. It’s also not like Sony Music (Japan) is distributing its own music in “my region” so that I could consume it. It’s 2012, for god’s sake, Japan. I know parts of your industry have taken baby steps into allowing your content on YouTube — Tokuma Japan Communications [1], Toy’s Factory [1], Universal Music Japan [1], Warner Music Japan [1], Yamaha Music Communication [1], TAISUKE [1], Aozora Records [1], Avex Japan [1], EMI Music Japan [1], plus the Japanese artists that have their own channels — and I’m thankful for that… but are you going to take down the few droplets I have left to consume your product for a couple of $30USD that I might or might not spend on an album you’re not letting me enjoy in any way?

I’m still waiting for you, Sony Music Japan and Columbia Japan. When are you going to let me enjoy Mika Nakashima and Shiina Ringo?


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  1. ghost says:

    I just encountered some more restrictions, and they all seem to be related to Sony content.

  1. June 16, 2013

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