What the actual… 2EYES – PIPPI

I usually share music videos or songs that I find good or worthy of sharing. This time around, it’s the complete opposite. I have been a fan of Kpop for years, and I am well aware of their so-called “concepts.” Usually, they are what make songs so much more vibrant. You have a track, style, dance, even lyrics, that follow a red-line that enhances the enjoyment of the song. Show me any picture from SHINee, and depending on what they’re wearing, I can tell you what song they’re promoting.

When the news that 2EYES were going to release a single called PIPPI I thought: Okay, I will not say anything until the song and video are out. Well, now that it is, I am not happy at all.

I will break this down why this is awful:

  1. I live in Sweden and although I don’t consider myself a Swede, I have lived here long enough to consider some parts of Swedish culture dear to me — yes, that means books by beloved children book author Astrid Lindgren.
  2. The Pippi Longstocking books are how I learnt to speak Swedish, and how I was introduced to Swedish culture.
  3. Pippi Longstocking is a fierce little girl who has super strength, does things that are rightful and kind.
  4. Pippi is a hero to many little girls because she tells you that it is okay to be yourself; specially if you are a tomboy.
  5. 2EYES has taken this beloved character and made it in to joke since they start as tomboys, but since that doesn’t get them the guy, they turn into sexy vixens with new looks and clothes– meaning that being Pippi just doesn’t get you the guy which, in my opinion, is bullshit.
  6. It is clearly they just used the Pippi style to create some form of unique comeback, but the song and video offends everything Pippi stands for.


Yeah, I am mad.

I usually am an advocate of cultural adaption and appreciation, and I love when you interpret one aspect of a culture to make something that is your own. I mean, it is almost impossible not to be affected or inspired by other cultures, it is how we live. But this, this is just taking it to the wrong direction. Had the song been about female empowerment and to stand for who you are no matter what you are, I would probably not been as offended.

This is interesting to me since there’s been a lot of discussions about cultural appropriation, and I have followed them closely. But since none of them had affected me, I have been pretty calm about it, but this really hit me. I will develop my thoughts about this in a proper post since there are many aspects to take into consideration. But for now, I truly wish this didn’t exist.


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