Top 5 Disney Villains of my 90’s


1. SCAR (The Lion King)

Considering the couple of times I have mentioned The Lion King, you should have seen this one coming. Oh, Scar. You were so the most fabulous one! Voiced by Jeremy Irons and having the most excellent villain song of all time, he’s part of what makes The Lion King my favorite Disney animated movie ever (not counting Pixar movies). He’s charismatic, he’s resentful, he schemes, he manipulates, he gloats, has excellent facial expressions, great hair, and he’s color-coded for your convenience!

Now, this is the only villain in my list who actually gets what he wants. But he’s such a bad king, there’s a drought in the Pride Lands. Yeah, I don’t know how a lion can affect the weather [1], but I guess Mother Nature hated him too. So, it didn’t end up too well for poor Uncle Scar, but hey, he still has the best villain song, which never failed to cheer me up, “Yes, my teeth and ambitions are bared. Be Prepared!

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  1. amy says:

    In evilness, I’d choose Lady Tremaine because she really is evil — not crazy cuckoo ha-ha she’s so funny evil kinda way. Just plain evil. LOL

    So my Top 5 Favorite Disney Villains would be…

    5. Cruella de Vil (I think this is influenced by Glenn Close now LOL)
    4. Maleficent (this was maybe influenced by the tale)
    3. Scar
    2. Ursula
    1. Yzma

    • mirella says:

      @amy, I couldn’t put Yzma because The Emperor’s New Groove came out in 2000 XD
      Cruella de Vil and Maleficent are two villains that I got to love as I grew older, but I didn’t love the first time I watched them, unlike all the ones mentioned in my list~

      • amy says:

        @mirella, oh yeah- I forgot Yzma is post-90s xD

        Shift all up and add Madame Min in #5 And she has her song! Unlike Hades xD

        But I do love singing to Ratigan! The world greatest criminal…….. RAT! xD

        • Mirella says:

          @amy, Can you believe I saw The Sword in the Stone in 2001? Oh, I knew of its existence but I never got to watch it. It was my first year in University and somehow I planned to watch all the Disney films I missed. I also saw the first Rescuers in that way. I have only watched Rescuers Down Under before XD

  2. amy says:

    No kidding!?? Serious??? I can’t imagine my childhood without Merlin and Madame Min. LOL IN SPANISH LATINO DUB! Odio el sol! Lo odio con todas mis fuerzas! xD

  3. Rodrigo says:

    Fuck, I forgot about Ratigan. Fucker was legit scary to me when I was little.

  4. ghost says:

    You can’t never get enough boob shake with Ursula.

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