The Pass It On Experience

Well, I finally got to hear the Adam Tensta one of a kind song. You remember me telling you about it weeks ago? That is how long it took to be able to listen to it. The line moved so slowly, and I kept forgetting about it.

Sure, you could cut the line by either tweeting about the project, watch one of Adam’s YouTube videos, or listening to one of his songs on Spotify. I think you could cut the line everyday… Anyway, it took way too long. The end result? Well, the song was pretty dark and heavy — a real hip-hop track, if I can explain it that way.

But in all, it was so not worth the wait. Sure, I didn’t have any high expectations, but this ploy was poorly executed. I am guessing it didn’t manage to impact the way they wanted it to.

Well, who knows, maybe the song will get stuck in my head and make me want to buy it? We shall see.

For now, I am so not impressed.


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