The Journey of a Cassie Part Two – The List Pt. 3

His voice is, in my mind, virtually flawless. His dancing is damn-near sinful. He’s undeniably gorgeous.

So, why number three and not number one?

Quite frankly, it has less to do with him than the other two members. Junsu’s skill is unmistakable. I’d be a fool to deny that his influence on the pop world, as far as Kpop is concerned, is astronomical. He may have single-handedly shown the world that “idol” is more a PR title than proof of musical ability.

Managing to take his talent from the crashing waves of hallyu to the ever-critical eye of the theatrical stage, and doing it as easily as walking into a room, Junsu raised the bar to a height that’s, quite frankly, unfair it’s so high. But, there’s something about his two band mates that spark a little something extra in me.

So, it’s number three for Kim Junsu. There isn’t anything negative I can say about him, really. He’s adorably sexy, incredibly funny, and unconscionably talented. The remaining two on the list just touched me a bit deeper.

Stay tuned for the remainder of the list. Who’s it gonna be?


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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  1. Julili says:

    I am beyond shocked. I have tears in my eyes…. I was sure he was going to be no.1….

  2. amy says:

    This is a better booty shaking video, I think.

    And I agree with Julyssa xD – now, let’s wonder. You either like Jaejoong because he’s oh so pretty, or you like Yoochun’s manliness hahaha. I think it might be the manliness xD but who knows…

    Anyway… we all know it’s a little pet-peeve of mine when cover songs have similar arrangements to original songs hahaha. Junsu’s version is just… I’ve told this to Julyssa several times every time she shows me the wonderfulness of DBSK hahaha – it’s almost exactly the same arrangement as 98 Degrees’ version xD I’m boyband girl, you know. LOL

    • Camiele says:

      @amy, Well, in all fairness, it was just a concert and not necessarily a “cover” for the sake of putting on an album. The other dude (Big Bang, I think, but I don’t know his name…he’s also a cutie) sang a cover song as well. But, I do understand where you’re coming from.

      You may be shocked as to my reasoning for placing JaeJae-oppa and Chun-ah at the top of the list above Junsu-ah, but it is what it is. Oddly enough, it has not too much to do with looks (I almost said nothing to do with looks, but we all KNOW that would’ve been a DAMN lie!!!)

      Guess you’ll just have to find out…MWAHAHAHAHA!

    • Camiele says:

      @amy, By the way…that Booty Shakin’ video officially goes sooooo hard…HaHa!

  3. Camiele says:

    Damn…just watched that voice compilation and realised that I’m going to have a damn hard time convincing you all that my list is real…HaHa! I don’t think I made a mistake, but I do know that the hardest part of this list from the beginning was going to be the JYJ boys.

    And now you see why…HaHa.

  1. January 8, 2012

    […] four [1]. Then it was, possibly, the most shocking member placement, Xiah Junsu at number three [1]. Our runner-up was the gorgeously talented Park Yoochun [1], which leaves only one member […]

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