The Journey of a Cassie Part Three – Pairings and Fan Fiction

For my part, fan fiction has actually shaped a lot of my understanding of the boys. No, I don’t take most of what’s written as gospel. However, the emotional care taken to show the vulnerabilities and hidden strengths of these men endears them to me in an even stronger fashion. Authors such as Willow Wing [1] and DelusionaLL [1] have such broad imaginations and seemingly intricate knowledge of the mannerisms and habits of the group members that it’s not outside the realm of possibility that they may be getting up to at least a small fraction of what these two have written about them.

Still, authors like Wedspawn [1] write with such poetic license that it almost makes you hope that the fictional depiction of the inner workings of these young men’s lives is reality. You have authors who manage to create incredible alternate universes (authors like abcdefghiluvyou [1], immodicus [1], and yunho1205 [1]) that appeal to me for their creativity while other writers (such as pazz_and_jop [1]) take an intellectual point of view and dissect the ticks, tugs, and pulls of the boys and allow you to explore their reality — are these fleeting moments of intimacy that fan cams capture really exhibits of affection or are they just the overactive machinations of fangirls who want nothing more than to see their favorite pairing be a reality, for whatever reason [as in this now infamous interaction]?

And yet, there are some works of fiction that have become as integral to the love and adoration surrounding DBSK as the music. Snap [1], written by Mimei, has been dubbed by many as the “DBSK Bible”, while Shifting Moon, written by Willow Wing, has become a classic of romantic fantasy in the fandom. Many fics have also been recognized for, not only their contributions to the fandom as a whole, but for their composition and delicate care. For instance, Wedspawn’s story So Much Mine received the Kpop Fiction Award for Best Drama in 2009 [1].

These pieces of literature, though pure works of fiction, are so fully realized, so carefully crafted, that they have become more than just mere ramblings to sate the over eagerness of a fandom full of girls and young women clamoring for anything relating to the group. They’ve actually impressed me in such a way that I’ve grown fond of reading certain fics over and over again.

This part of the fandom has kept me as connected to DBSK as the group itself, allowing me at least a small glimpse of their humanity. Though, of course, these works of fiction are more sensationalized depictions of their personalities, the truth is that without those captured moments in which the boys ignore the cameras surrounding them and become truly as close to their human selves as possible, Cassies wouldn’t have this urge to embellish and give life to something that they actually know nothing about.

Though I realize these works of fiction are just that, I can’t help but be pulled even more deeply into the magnetic synergy that crackles between these boys when they’re around each other. In my mind, though there are obvious favorite pairings, my favorite pairing is The Boys and The Fiction.

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