The Journey of a Cassie Part Four – Mirotic

As today is apparently the fourth anniversary of (arguably) the greatest Kpop album of all time, I decided to add my perspective to the fray. This shan’t be a very long blog, as it’s more a musing on a very special moment in time for me musically. Shout out to Twitter for trending this so hardcore this morning.

As anyone who’s been interested in my little journey through Cassie-dom well knows, my first full-fledged “spazz” moment came when I saw the dance version of Mirotic. Wait… let me rewind just a bit because the actual “spazzing” came out a little bit before that. It was by chance, actually, that I even came across this video. Madame Julyssa introduced me to DBSK via Junsu’s Intoxication MV [MV]. I swooned, crooned, and pretty much had no idea what the hell I’d gotten myself into. So a cursory search of the group had me sifting through a couple videos and live performances. I was passively interested, not really jumping up and down in hysterics, but understanding as far as pop music’s concerned, the group was pretty impressive.

Then… Mirotic.

Yeah… they got me, and good. The dancing was shocking. Literally, I was like (and don’t judge me; my experience with Asian music was all Japanese jazz, rock, and smatterings of pop), “Dude… Korean boys can DANCE… like THAT?!” Needless to say there was no turning back after that. From there I gobbled up anything I could find: interviews, fan meeetings, a few live performances. That’s, of course, when I stumbled upon their debut performance — a story some of you may remember from my very first exploration of my now unquestionable obsession [1].

For all the Cassies out there who remember where they were when this bomb dropped, Happy Fourth Anniversary. For everyone else… forgive the mess of shameless, lovesick fangirls.

Do you remember your first time seeing this video?


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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  1. Julili says:

    If I remember….. Jfc it was the comeback to end all comebacks. I might have cried.

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