The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: You say good-bye, I say hello!

Greetings, my fellow geeks. This week has been a bit lazy with news, but I still have stuff to show you! The most important thing though, the good-bye to a beloved comic book character… that coincided in the same week as his creator’s birthday. Yeah. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves~


Hey! You can ruin Star Wars too! Create your own movie with the Sequel Debacle Simulatron.


Eh, my movie “The last of the Wars” didn’t do that bad~ I’m sure it will do better overseas!

Damn, The Dark Knight Rises really wants that Oscar! Here’s a behind-the-scenes video from the DVD/Blu-ray in their Oscar campaign website.

Christopher Lambert has been promoting his new movie, but we never forget geekie stuff, so he gets asked about The Highlander, because he’ll always be Connor Macleod and he knows it too. He’s also asked about the rumors of Ryan Reynolds getting his iconic part in the remake; and while he trusts Reynolds’ ability, he feels the remake needs to be something original:

Because the combination of what Highlander was about, plus Queen’s music, was unbelievable. So I don’t think a remake would work … I think a good one would be Man On Fire, which was directed by Elie Chouraqui – a French director – and then re-made (in 2004) by Tony Scott. It wasn’t a “remake” of the movie. It was a new Man On Fire. And that’s exactly what I would do with Highlander. You cannot duplicate something, no matter how big it could be. You cannot duplicate The Killer from John Woo; you cannot duplicate Once Upon A Time In The West by Sergio Leone. You can re-do something, but don’t try and copy.

Quentin Tarantino comments on a scene of Django Unchained… and it’s awesome.


Snow White on film! A list about how the most known film adaptations fared against each other and the original story.

Yeah, Hugh Jackman totally implied Famke Janssen will be in The Wolverine:

And there is a cameo from one of the past X-Men in it.

Who could it be besides Jean Grey? He also talked about how at 44 it’s kinda hard to keep that hot body in shape~

J.J. Abrams spills some beans on Star Trek Into Darkness! Says much stuff about John Harrison and about what the heroes are up to… also comments on the lens flare. LOL.

When we made the first Star Trek we never added lens flares, it was always ‘in camera.’ And I do love them and I know I get beaten up some times because of it.

And here we have Spartacus final season trailer. I’ll miss this show full of gore and naked people.


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  1. I will play the sequel generator…once I’m more awake.

    out of the Snow White adaptations, the only one I want to see is the black-and-white “Blancanieves” from this year.

    somehow I imagine Star Wars wouldn’t work with all that lensflare…when I was dragged to Transformers 2, I amused myself by counting the lensflare. I can’t find where I posted the totals but it was only 1/3 or 1/5 of the lensflare someone else counted in Star Trek IX. I’d be too busy enjoying a rewatch to count the lensflare there.

  2. lol I just waited until the soccer game I was watching reached halftime. Here’s my favorite result from the generator:

  3. Julyssa says:

    You mean to tell me that I was finally in the same country as Benny and I didn’t know about it?



    FUCK MY LIFE!!!!!!!

  4. amy says:

    My Tina Fey-written and Whedon directed sequel starring Nathan Fillion ended on a positive note (of pretty good profit) saying Whedon is the king of nerds and that his version rises above the basic Hero’s Journey xD I’m content. LOL

  5. Camiele says:

    Writer: Knight
    Director: Cronenberg
    Star: Jeff Goldblum
    Title: The Last of the Trade Embargoes

    25% Action, 20% Epic SF, 35% Comedy, 20% Romance… oooohhh yeah…
    It had an opening weekend of $39,465,795, Domestic box office sales of $137,026,683, Production cost… $159,379,435.

    Profit of… -$22,352,752

    Results… I mean, M Knight Shyamalan wrote it… whadya gonna do… HaHa.

    I shall be playing this game FOEVA!

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