The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: Woo-oo!


Wonder Woman has beaten Logan and Fate Of The Furious at the domestic box office! The film is currently sitting as the third biggest domestic film of the year, just behind Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and Beauty and the Beast. As of right now, it has a fighting chance to become DCEU’s biggest domestic grosser.

Talking about the DCEU, Danny Elfman has now taken over the Justice League score! Yep, he’s taking over score duties from Antonius Tom Holkenborg, AKA Junkie XL. Why is Junkie XL leaving the project? Who knows! Dude did have this to say though:

As my mentor Hans Zimmer told me — you haven’t made it in Hollywood as a composer until you get replaced on a project. So I guess I finally graduated this week. It pains me to leave the project, but a big thanks to Zack for asking me to part of his vision, and I wish Danny, Joss and Warner Bros all the best with Justice League.

Here are some Spider-Man: Homecoming pictures showing, among other things, Marisa Tomei as Aunt May and Peter Parker’s schoolmates:

Jessica Chastain is in talks to play the villain in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. If the deal is made, Chastain would play Lilandra, the empress of an alien empire called the Shi’ar. Wait, since when Lilandra is a villain? His brother was the villain! Don’t do this to me, Fox!

As for the rest of the cast, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Nicholas Hoult will all return to the franchise. Sophie Turner is reprising her role of Jean Grey, a.k.a. Phoenix. The other kids from X-Men: Apocalypse, Alexandra Shipp, Tye Sheridan and Kodi Smit-McPhee, will also be there.

You know, who else, will be there? Freaking Simon Kinberg as writer and director! I mean sure, dude has a lot of experience with the X-Men franchise. But not always for the better. Kinberg already messed up the Dark Phoenix saga when he wrote X: Men: The Last Stand, and this might be his directorial debut for a complete film, but dude did direct those not-so-great Fantastic Four reshoots according to sources. That said, it’s too late to complain, Bryan Singer already passed the torch to him. Singer posted a picture of them both on instagram, promising that we’re getting an “epic story” which is in “great hands”. But can you promise that, Singer? Can you really?

Anyway, considering the recent X-Men films have been jumping decades with each new installment, it was to be expected that X-Men: Dark Phoenix was set in the 90s. And we expected right. The date is 1991, which was the year the comicbook was relaunched with the now iconic costume designs by Jim Lee, which would go on to influence the animated series. So yay for that at least!

Here’s the New DuckTales intro complete with new theme song, which is basically a cover of the old one. The only time the lyrics changes is at the end:

Tales of derring, bad and good
Not pony tales or cotton tales, no,
DuckTales! Woo-oo!

Also, an hour-long movie will play for 24 consecutive hours on August 18 on Disney XD. Yep.

I do enjoy the whole look of the intro, in that there are some callbacks of the original creator Carl Barks, what with Donald Duck finally added to the team, and Scrooge McDuck is wearing his red suit from the comics. Also, damn, Mrs. Beakley looks like a Battle Butler now! Where the hell is Magica De Spell though? I know I don’t have to worry about Gizmoduck because he was in some promos even if he’s not on the intro… but what about Magica! Are they saving her for later? Because she just can’t not appear!


Let’s end the week as we started, with Adam West. Not only did the bat signal light the Los Angeles City Hall, now we get to enjoy one of his last performances in the previously unaired episode of the sitcom Powerless, in which West had a guest role/cameo. In the episode, titled “Win, Luthor, Draw,” he played a member of the Wayne Enterprises board named Chairman West.

And that’s it for the week. Before I go, I want to wish Happy Birthday to Peter Dinklage, Hugh Laurie, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chris Evans, Neil Patrick Harris, John Cho and Daniel Brühl.


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