The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: Wakanda Forever!


Here are some Black Lighting character posters, and damn I must talk about black excellence again! They all look fantastic, even the white guy! Here are my favourites of Jill Scott as Lady Eve, and Christine Adams as Lynn:

And here are a couple of new Black Panther clips! The first shows T’Challa fighting Killmonger, with the help of littl sis’ Shuri! The other shows Okoye kicking ass, using her wig as distraction. And then all hell breaks loose, and T’Challa and Nakia also join the fight, and try to stop Klaue from getting away. Oh yeah, Everett Ross is there helping.


So the Fantastic Beasts sequel will avoid talking about Dumbledore’s sexuality, confirmed director David Yates… Are they trying to make me watch this movie on a discount date because that’s all it is worth? So, ok, maybe the “not explicitly” will mean that he won’t be making out with guys, but maybe he comments on it? Even a very obvious hint? Come one!

I think all the fans are aware of that. He had a very intense relationship with Grindelwald when they were young men. They fell in love with each other’s ideas, and ideology and each other.

Well damn, Black Panther is setting advance ticket sale records at Fandango and Alamo Drafthouse! It’s close to outstripping the ticket sales of Warner Bros/DC’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (opening box office of $166 million) and becoming Fandango’s top-selling superhero of all time. As for Alamo Drafthouse, Black Panther‘s closest competitor is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which sold 72 percent as many tickets as Black Panther during the same period.

12x Grammy Award-winner Kendrick Lamar revealed the full track list and cover art for Black Panther: The Album. I do love the simple design of the cover. This album is due out in stores and on iTunes on February 9th. On the other hand, Ludwig Göransson’s Original Motion Picture Score within the next two weeks.

The Big Boss of the MCU, Kevin Feige, ain’t here for those “superhero fatigue” claims. Not on his watch!

That’s the reason we make the movies we make and the way we make them. For years, predating the history of Marvel Studios itself, people asked me about superhero fatigue and if it was a fad or a phase. I say, if they’re all different, if they’re all special, nobody will get tired of these things before we at Marvel Studios will, since we live and breathe these things 24 hours a day. You make films like Thor: Ragnarok, like Homecoming, like Guardians of the Galaxy, certainly like Panther, and the upcoming Infinity War to keep it interesting and change it up. And we will continue to do that.

Talking about cinematic universes, and despite the fact the only one which is currently really working is MCU, Paramount wants some of that and is gathering writers for an Ology movie series. What’s that? I had no idea, but according to Wikipedia, “The Ologies are a series of illustrated fantasy books presented in a fictional encyclopedic format.” And that sound interesting as a book series concept. In fact, I will check them out now. Movies tho? Well, Paramount thinks there’s scope for a set of films embracing family friendly adventure, and thus is putting together a writers room in order to generate ideas for seven scripts that have interconnected stories. Good luck on that!


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