The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: The World is full of Marvels

Greetings, fellow geeks! We have much news this week, much news about Marvel’s Cinematic Universe mostly~ Although other geeky stuff has happened all around, it was the constant flow of interviews and pictures of Marvel’s new projects that monopolized the week, and I loved it!


First of all: Happy Birthday, Martin Freeman!

Let’s celebrate with lots of new The Hobbit stills!

Now onto the first of many bits of Marvel news~

Remember that Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled box set that was made of beauty and geekiness? Yeah, Marvel and Disney were idiots and didn’t actually have the right to recreate that briefcase that belongs to a German luggage firm. Obviously, they sued. Now, the box set (with a new design) has been delayed until next year. Disney doesn’t want to deal with (more) rage from the geekdom, even more than the content and features that were first advertised. So yay, I guess?

And now that The Avengers DVD/Blu-ray will be available soon, new interviews with the cast keep appearing. This time it was Samuel L. Jackson’s turn, and he recalls, among other things, what Nick Fury was to him:

I’ve been reading the Fury comics since I was a kid. I remember when it was Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos in the World War II war comic books. That’s when I was introduced to him, and then I moved on. Then all of a sudden, I pick up an Avengers comic book and I was like, “Hey, that’s me!” It’s amazing. It’s great.

Then I found an interview with Chris Hemsworth, who pretty much, like Hiddles, saw a meteoric rise in his career since last year. He talks about all the movies he has done lately (Thor, Cabin in the Woods, The Avengers, Red Dawn, Snow White and the Huntsman and Rush). What caught my attention was his relationship with Joss Whedon, whom he met in Cabin in the Woods before he even got the title role in Thor:

When I was on set during Cabin In The Woods, he said to me, “Why the hell aren’t you playing Thor? Have you auditioned for that?” And I said, “I did a long time ago, but nothing really happened.” And he goes, “You should be Thor; this is crazy.” He ended up calling Kenneth Branagh and said, “You really should see this guy again; I’ve been working with him,” and he said some great things that kind of got me back in the room. Now, a couple of years later, here he is directing me as that character.

That’s an awesome reference.

Now, let me show you how awesome some geeks are:

Yes, it is a recreation of Northstar and his boyfriend Kyle’s wedding, at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. The ones acting as groom and groom? An actual couple who have been together for 20 years. Aww.

In non-Marvel news, did you know Matt Smith was almost the Watson to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock? Yup, apparently, pre Doctor Who days, Mr. Adorably Clumsy auditioned for the part, altough Troll King Moffat thought he was better fit as Sherlock… sadly (for Matt, not for us), Benedict already had the part. Matt also added:

I thought my audition for Watson was very good. But clearly not good enough! Basically they looked at it and went, ‘He’s not Watson. It’d be like having two Sherlocks in the room.’

Well, I do love the contrast of Martin’s physique against Benedict’s. Having two tall lanky guys with “interesting” faces would have been too much.

On a different note, Star Trek sequel gets an official name: Star Trek Into Darkness. I do not like it much, but oh well~ I just want the trailer and stills, please! Also wanna know who the heck Benedict is playing.

Finally, James Cameron talks about Avatar‘s sequels (yes, two of them), which will be filmed back to back. But also talks about the possibility of a fourth one:

I have an idea for a fourth. I haven’t really put pen to paper on it, but basically it goes back to the early expeditions of Pandora, and kind of what went wrong with the humans and the Na’vi and what that was like to be an explorer and living in that world.

Yep, a prequel.


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  1. amy says:

    Ef Cameron to eternity. I mean, how much can you stretch the story of a stale idea? xD Jake Sully ain’t Harry Potter, you know. I for sure won’t allow an Avatar 7.2

    Having said that. My Bacon number would be 3. Coz I’ve worked with someone that’s a #2 hahaha *stretching ideas*

    Btw, have you learned to dance Gangnam Style?

    • mirella says:

      @amy, I know the steps of Gangnam Style but I suck hard at dancing so I wouldn’t do it in public XDDD

    • Rodrigo says:

      @amy, I’d say fuck most of the sci-fi fans and geek people. They’re the reasons why Avatar is getting another film and (I might be strechting this here) maybe they are to blame for Boardwalk Empire Season 3 not premiering tomorrow on Latin America in the same way True Blood and Game of Thrones (both geek-friendly shows) did air live here (or maybe I can blame HDP and Capadocia’s third season instead). Ok, I had to get the latter out of my head, lol. But fandoms are worthy of a conversation someday (which might not be helpful and could make me more hateful, lol).

      Cameron, he’s mostly been involved in action genre films, but Titanic and a documentary film were his only exceptions. Hell, even Titanic is highly memorable due to an action-style scene. I can’t hate on him because of the first two Terminator films, which I still love to death. I’ll admit he deserves to be bitchslapped for producing Sanctuary.

      BTW, are Peruvians shoving Gangman Style hard on people’s face via tv and radio or not yet?

      • mirella says:

        @Rodrigo, Fuck that, Rodrigo. It’s the commoners that pushed for Avatar’s sequels. The geeks are either indiferent or (the “elite” geeks) hate it with a passion and denounce Cameron as a hack.
        About Gangman Style, I don’t list to radio BUT my friends who do tell me it has been heard from time to time, but it is called “el baile del caballo”, which offends K-pop fans and fans of calling things by its proper name XD

        • Rodrigo says:

          @mirella, I apologize if I sounded offensive there. The HBO thing can be easily explained from a regional standpoint with its preference towards Latin American productions.

          With Avatar having a sequel, it was inevitable because of how much it drew. But the marketing was genius (from their POV) as it had aprox. 2/3 of its audience watching it in 3D. I wouldn’t mind watching the second film, but someone has to pay for my ticket. Defining geeks and casual movie goers should be another topic, though.

          Big LOL @ “el baile del caballo”. I guess the steps made the GS song earn that nickname.

      • amy says:

        @Rodrigo, I was watching Canal 2 last last night and they mentioned it thrice or twice – I think they were featuring it on La Noche Es Mia and some other of their shows? The one they air in the afternoon??? I don’t listen to the radio, so I can’t tell you whether they’re shoving it down there too.

        Having said that, I’m one of those that gets annoyed by people calling it el baile del caballo – I could maybe draw a line on Psy Dance. LOL

        Also… the fact that this is just bouncing off here proves that Peru is just an industry that follows American trends, which sadly not only shows on our radios, but also on our cinemas.

        • Rodrigo says:

          @amy, While watching Teledeportes on Panamericana Television today, Gangman Style was used twice. First, a Universitario fan was shown doing the GS move for a few seconds. Second time, the song was used as background music for the preview between Inti Gas vs. Sporting Cristal.

          Also, I saw on Youtube that Frecuencia Latina did a report on the song. I wonder how long will Gangman Style last around here. If Michel Telo and Alexandra Stan got huge radio airplay on our summer time (and their hits were released months before 2012 began), then maybe Gangman Style will be run to death until March. :S

  2. mirella says:

    @Rodrigo believe me when I tell you that Avatar was seen mostly by regular folks an “amateur” geeks. Old geeks liked it fine enough but can live without sequels (like me) or HATED it with passion. In fact, some geeks watched The Avengers so many times TRYING to make it reach Titanic or Avatar XDDDDD There no geeks enough in the world (as proven by Avengers and TDKR) to make Avatar huge box office numbers the fault of geeks alone :P

  3. Camiele says:

    Why oh WHY do studios INSIST on ruining my childhood?! First a CGI-laced, live-action death of The Brave Little Toaster!!!! But, but… WWWWWWHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

    And then, OH THEN, they’ve decided to ACTUALLY give the Akira live-action legs. And them legs took the shit to Manhattan…?! For fook’s sake, people! Stop turning my childhood into used bubblegum!

  4. whoa Joss Whedon just called up Kenneth Branagh like that

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