The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: The wind of change~


Happy Birthday, Keanu Reeves!


There was this rumor that Benedict Cumberbatch was being cast in the new Star Wars movie. Some people even went as far as saying he will be a Sith Lord and that this role is why he left Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak. Sadly, his rep already came and said that nope, that’s not true… yet~

So, apparently making that God of War movie is a challenge because of gamers expectations, according to game writer Marianne Krawczyk~

The player has a personal experience with him, and then he’s going to be embodied by a different actor, he’s going to have a different voice, he’s going to say a lot more words. So I think it will be hard to get that across. But I hope they will someday. We don’t know.

Welp, she doesn’t seem to have much faith on the movie Universal is currently producing.

The Avengers and Game of Thrones won at the Hugo Awards as Best Dramatic Presentation in Long and Short Form respectively. Also, Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga won Best Graphic Story!

Hayao Miyazaki retired from making features films and I feel kinda sad about it. I guess he could still work on short films? Damn, I need to watch his last movie, Kaze Tachinu!



James Cameron sure was very enthusiastic about Gravity, calling Cuaron’s movie “the best space film ever done” and also saying Sandra Bullock is damn great in there:

I was stunned, absolutely floored.  I think it’s the best space photography ever done, I think it’s the best space film ever done, and it’s the movie I’ve been hungry to see for an awful long time … What is interesting is the human dimension. Alfonso and Sandra working together to create an absolutely seamless portrayal of a woman fighting for her life in zero gravity.

Zack Snyder asked Hans Zimmer to score the Batman/Superman movie. Zimmer said that would difficult, because he’ll need to do a new “Batman”, different from Nolan’s. He also is very supportive of Batfleck and gives us all his reasons… including Affleck having a good chin~

Apparently Doctor Who series 8 will return in autumn 2014. So, late september, early october? That’s still a lot waiting to do, man! I guess I still have the 50th Anniversay Special and the Christmas episode to keep me entertained! Still, I already want Capaldi as the Doctor!

Talking about Capaldi, The Thick of It‘s creator, Armando Iannucci would love to write a Doctor Who episode. Moffat hasn’t called him though. Dammit, Moffat, what are you waiting for! Iannucci is also very happy for Capaldi’s fanboy dreams coming true~

I was so pleased when I heard that Peter had got the role. He had a part in the show a few years back and he told me that when he went on set and saw the TARDIS, he nearly cried! He’s a massive fan.

Here’s the art for Toy Story OF TERROR! This (almost) Halloween special will air on October 16 on ABC.


Here’s the plot: the gang taking a road trip to Bonnie’s grandmother’s house before everything takes an unexpected turn. On a detour leading them to a roadside motel, one of the toys goes missing, and the others find themselves caught in an eerie turn of events that must be stopped before they suffer the same fate.


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