The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: The sound I made was not human


So I only managed to watch Elementary today (damn you, real life), but the episode was interesting if kinda predictable. So here’s the promo for next episode:

Thor: The Dark World finished filming in Iceland, and apparently there was a great battle between Thor and Loki. Well, I hope Malekith’s fight is bigger than this one, as much as I love Loki (and Tom Hiddleston), I don’t want him in the spotlight as main baddie again. I am ready for some Chaos Neutral Loki.

Oh wow, Matt Smith wants to do a Doctor Who episode in Peru. Yes, please!

I was really pleased to go to New York, for me it’s all about going to actual locations. I’d quite like to go back to America. I also think you could make quite a fun episode in Iceland or South America, or you could go to Peru. I’d like to film something in those places. The Pyramids would be fun, too, but I’d rather go to Peru.

He rates Peru over The Pyramids. Woohoo! Take note, Moffat!

BTW, Benedict, Martin and Sherlock won at the Crime Thriller Awards, and they all looked cute and dapper. Benedict also got to receive the Film award for Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy. Here’s a dorky picture courtesy of Lara Pulver:

And still talking about the Sherlock people, co-creator Mark Gatiss will host a fundraiser for the London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard in November 11th at the Criterior Theather. Yes, practically all the Sherlock guys will be there answering questions for a good cause.

Something to watch on Halloween, Frankenstein: A Modern Myth on UK’s Channel 4 [1], where, amongst other things, we’ll see rehearsals and interviews with Benedict Cumberbatch, Jonny Lee Miller and Danny Boyle.

We might see a Deadpool movie soon according to Rob Liefeld, whom I dislike but who is, after all, co-creator of this fan-favourite. Now that Mark Millar is in charge with Marvel Fox, we might see a development in this project… which might get Ryan Reynolds still attached to it. Eh, nothing’s perfect.

Spike Lee’s Oldboy finally gets a release date: October 11th, 2013. Time to mark that calendar.

Others who need to update their calendars are UK fans of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the movie will be released on December 13th, a whole day earlier! US fans are already green with envy.

That’s it for this week, but before I go we have Psy and Hugh Jackman doing the Gangnam Style, which just won’t leave the fandoms… here’s an excellent rendition of G1 Transformers dancing to Psy:


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  1. amy says:

    In theoryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, the world can’t end because then we wouldn’t be able to watch Amy and Tina hosting, no? xD

    The biggest obstacle for Justice League is that… well, Marvel spent years and movies to make The Avengers. It’s gonna be hard to top unless JL goes very left-field and not tries to be all hip and funny action movie coz then, everyone’s gonna compare it not only with A2 but with Avengers in general. I mean, I don’t follow comic fandom much but the TDKR comments at the Avengers forums and viceversa were nuts. Nerds can be so bitter about things.

    • mirella says:

      @amy, Fanboys fights give me life. I always eat snacks and drink soda when I spot a fandom war… it’s so entertaining XD Specially when they descent to ad hominen insults… some people can be really creative when insulting!

    • Rodrigo says:

      @amy, With Justice League, they’ll need to build up the rest of the heroes and put them at least close to the popularity of Batman and Superman. Those two stand out strong because of how they work well individually, so there needs to be a way for everything to gel, and it won’t be easy. Also, their current candidates for directing this aren’t appealing to me.

      • mirella says:

        @Rodrigo, There’s no time for that if they want the movie for 2015. They should just make a movie with the script done by those in charge of the Justice League animation films… or maybe a movie based on the New 52s storylines.

  2. amy says:

    Also… Doctor Who – you know the ghastly abandoned but not so abandoned huacas would be perfect scenarios for Doctor Who stuff. Heck, even a La Chola Chabuca cameo would make perfect sense in that show. LOL

    • mirella says:

      @amy, There’s so much material for Doctor Who goodness in Peru! That said, I would have those badly done Doctor Who TV reports the local news will make. Ugh.

  3. Camiele says:

    …Hmmm… STILL don’t know how I feel about Spike Lee’s Oldboy. After all, it’s the film that got me started in my Korean film culture fix. I’m kind of a little bit close to the film… HaHA. Of course, it’s Spike Lee, so I’ll have to give it a chance by virtue of that fact. I’ll just have to get myself ready for next year, then.

    I just hope they don’t make it some Halloween extravaganza type thing. Doing it for Saw is one thing. Doing it for Oldboy would be sort of offensive. But anyway… HaHA.

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