The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: The new hope!


We got 3 new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice character posters (one of each of the DC trinity), and another with all 3 heroes in profile… and this is the first time I have totally likes how Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman looks! The guys don’t look as good tho! So forget about them and just behold this Amazonian vision:


But that wasn’t the only things DC would have for us. We also had character posters on their TV side of things, this time about The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow! Here are the posters of the ladies!



Star Wars: The Force Awakens was chosen by AFI’s Top 10 Films of the Year (Mad Max: Fury Road and Inside Out are there too!) Traditionally, being awarded an AFI Award have been a good omen for a best-picture Oscar nomination, as 6 out of 10 of last years AFI Award honorees scored a best picture Oscar-nomination. So, good luck to all mentioned!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is also among the 112 eligible scores for 2015 Oscars. And apparently, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences actually postponed their nominations to include Star Wars. Well damn!

Katherine Waterston is to star in Alien: Covenant. And while that’s fine and dandy, where’s my girl Noomi Rapace? What happened with her character?!? Is this the fault of Michael Fassbender’s Davis?

On more character poster news, here are some about the awesome ladies of Ghostbusters! That and a cool cast photo!


Vikings creator Michael Hirst gave us a cool key art via Entertainment Weekly, which is clearly implied by A Last Supper, and that’s a big teaser for betrayal in Season 4. Man, the placing could not be more perfect. Just look at Floki being a totally Judas!



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  1. Interesting how Star Wars set a record in French-speaking Belgium, but not the Flemish-speaking side

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