The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: That, my lad, was a dragon


Entertainment Weekly also gives us a special for the 75 years of Superman! Not only it will have interviews with Henry Cavill and Christopher Nolan about Man of Steel related stuff, it would also talk with Bryan Singer about his not-so-succesful Superman Returns, and the evolution of the character through the years.


Joss Whedon talks about The Avengers 2, and he’s totally endorsing James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy because he understands that Rocket Raccoon and Groot are awesome:

One of the questions they asked me was “What do you think of James Gunn?” And I giggled like a school girl because I was like, “Oh, this movie is going to work. […] James’s thing was, “Here’s the deal. It’s about the raccoon. This is why I love it: because of the raccoon and the tree.” And I’m like, “Okay, that’s the guy you need.”

He’s also very optimistic that RDJ will come back as Iron Man for The Avengers 2.

And because Doctor Who is a hot topic lately, Joss also talks about who would be his choice for The Doctor:

He’s way too huge, but Tom Hiddleston would absolutely kill it. He’s fantastic.

Tom himself waxes poetic about Joss, Alan Taylor (director of Thor: The Dark World), and Shakespeare. He also says he’s a fan of Game of Thrones, but he’s not up to date on the episodes so nobody spoils him the Red Wedding~

Jonathan Ross says his unreleased comic book Golden Age could be a TV show and I am totally behind that! If comicbooks cannot happend then yes to TV. It’s an interesting concept that deals with retired superheroes.

Here are the new posters for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters [1] and 300: Rise of an Empire [2]. Vastly different movies, yet I want to see them both~


Dame Helen Mirren says The Doctor should be a timelady:

I think it’s absolutely time for a female Doctor Who. I’m so sick of that man with his girl sidekick. I could name at least ten wonderful British actresses who would absolutely kill in that role.

You tell them, Helen!

Chloe Moretz thinks people exaggerate about Hit-Girl’s potty mouth:

In the last film, I only cussed six times in the movie – I counted! – but each time was really pivotal and it really meant something. And in this film it’s the same – it’s not like she just drops it all the time because she’s older. She only uses it when she’s Hit-Girl. She doesn’t use it when she’s Mindy.

Well, put in that way, it makes sense.

Hugh Dancy talks about Bryan Fuller’s words that in Hannibal‘s next season the bromance between Hannibal and Will won’t exist anymore.

It’s safe to say, we’re getting into that territory… Will is meant to be the most intelligent guy on the Earth and the best at his job. But he’s suffering. He hasn’t got all the cards in his hand. Whether that happens this season or next season, I don’t want to be too specific. But we’ll get there.

I expect that but still… aw.

OK, these posters for King Kong, The Shining, Avatar and Lord of the Rings are awesome!


The concept was to illustrate locations found only in the respective movies and portray them as destinations in a classic, mid-century travel poster style.


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  1. Rory Kinnear’s a good actor but I can only somewhat see him as the Doctor. Then again, the casting’s always better as a surprise.

    I’d like to see Tom Hiddleston’s reaction to the Red Wedding.

    aww man all I wish is that Will Graham ends up happy at least one point because oh my gosh everything he’s going through. Hannibal is Worst Friend Ever, besides being a manipulative homicidal cannibal, of corse.

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