The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: My body is ready… for The Hollow Crown

Greetings, fellow geeks. Sorry for the lateness, but Real Life happened. That said, since today BBC2’s Shakespeare event The Hollow Crown premieres with Richard II, there’s been loads of info about it, and I’ve been eating it up because it’s so effing good. Also, old franchises are back and Hiddles is a tennis nerd.


The week started with info about a couple of new series.

First, we have the official synopsis and trailer of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. The show is done with computer animation, and it’s more action packed, yet very quirky and with anime-like expressions, as some American TV animations are nowadays. Still, it looks very cute, so I will definitely give it a shot… and hey, if we get this instead of the Michael Bay infamy then yay!

The other bit of news is… Barbarella will be a TV series [1]! Yup, it’s gonna be based on the movie based on the comic. Still, when I think of Barbarella, I think of this song by Duran Duran.

So what’s the best thing about Samuel L. Jackson hosting this years BET Awards? Why, this video of course:

Sam and Hiddles can totally go out dancing to Nicki Minaj beats.


OMG, Chucky’s back [1]! And it’s back from old-fashioned terror and not-funny terror like the last two movies (although I’ll miss Jennifer Tilly). Ok, so it will be a direct-to-DVD movie, but knowing my country, we will possibly get this for the big screen. LOL.

In totally different news, The Hollow Crown picture overload, and I’m loving it. There’s article plus pictures here, another article scanned here (last part missing though), and a favorable review of Henry V here [1].


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