The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: Morpheus Reloaded


Welp, Warner Bros. delayed Aquaman‘s release from October 5th, 2018 to December 21st of the same year. Yep, the same day as Sony’s animated Spider-Man film. That said, one source said the reason is because Warner Bros. is looking to film another DC film this year. The candidates? [Gotham City] Sirens, Flash, [Green] Lantern, Suicide Squad 2, and Dark Universe.

Director of Rogue One, Gareth Edwards said our Princess General, the dearly departed Carrie Fisher, didn’t realize the Leia cameo in the film was CGI:

She thought we had some footage. She didn’t remember the take and thought we had manipulated a take from the original film. But they told her it was all computer generated and she was really impressed. We were all just so pleased she approved it.


Early in the week, The Hollywood Reported said that Warner Bros. is in the early stages of developing a relaunch of The Matrix with prospective writer, Zak Penn. Said Zak Penn took to Twitter to clarify that this ain’t a “reboot” or “remake”. Penn went on to liken it to the X-Men film universe, what with their (recently) great stories separate from the main plot like Logan, Legion, and Deadpool. That said, there’s a rumor that has taken new strenght, and thats that we could be getting a Young Morpheus prequel… and Michael B. Jordan might be playing the role.

Despite the joint adventure of Sony and Marvel in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Sony is still moving forward with the franchise on its own. And so a stand-alone Venom movie is now scheduled for 2018! Dude had a not great start in 2007’s Spider-Man 3, and then Alex Kurtzman was going to write and direct a Venom movie, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed and the project seemingly fell appart. Sony persisted tho and now the plan is to have the movie by 19 October, 2018. We have yet to know the plot, which version of the character will appear, and if will in any way tie into Spider-Man: Homecoming, out in theathers on 7 July this year. And because we nerds like to overthink things, here’s an article giving reasons why this Venom movie could be R-rated.

Rogue One screenwriter Gary Whitta said that the Star Wars universe ain’t going to just focus or rely on established characters or legacy stories. So yep, expect a Star Wars movie NOT related to the Skywalker family drama some day!

Behold the cuteness of Baby Groot on Empire’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 subscriber cover. That said, Star-Lord ain’t gonna be happy when he notices what you did with his mixtape, lil’ fella, no matter how cute you are!

The final cast for Marvel & ABC’s The Inhumans was recently announced, and since most of the actors and characters are relative unknowns, Comicbookmovie was kind enough to give us a closer look at them & the characters they’ll play. I still mantain that Iwan Rheon as crazy-ass Maximus was the most inspired casting of the lot.

Here’s a new poster of the Flash and Supergirl musical crossover episode, “Duet”, that will air Tuesday, March 21:

And that’s it for the week. Before I go, I want to wish Happy Birthday to Alex Kingston, John Barrowman, Jaimie Alexander, Michael Caine, Alan Tudyk and John Boyega.


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