The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: Makeover of the Gods!


The most important things you notice about Thor’s looks in Thor: Ragnarok are the short hair and the lack of Mjölnir. So, what’s up with that? Well, Thor finds out Loki has been imperssonating Odin since the end of Thor: The Dark World, and he ain’t the best king and why does that happen? Can’t evil guys who want the throne do an effective job? It’s Scar all over again! Anyway, SPOILERS! So, Loki’s shitty governing leads to the reemergence of an imprisoned Hela, and when Thor goes to confront her, he ends up blasted to Sakaar, a barbaric planet ruled by the charming but nefarious Grandmaster. He meets awesome warrior Valkyrie, and he fanboys over her. Obviously. Long story short, Thor is forced into becoming a gladiator, which leads to his haircut and the loss of Mjölnir.

Habemus premiere date of Game of Thrones season 7! It’s July 16th. We also have a first teaser trailer with zero new footage, but hey look at all those sygils fighting each other! We have House Targaryen, House Baratheon, House Lannister, House Stark, House Greyjoy, House Mormont and House Tyrell going their merry go-around with some appropriate dialogue on top. Nobody seems to notice the looming dangers of the White Walkers tho!.

Apparently, Netflix might give us all a “Choose Your Own Adventure” experience! Netflix CEO Reed Hastings confirmed that they are working on interactive technology: “Once you have got interactivity, you can try anything.” Sources claim that this format will be tested first with a children’s show, and if it works, they could see the process applied to series for adults.


We have heard everywhere that Thor: Ragnarok embraces a more comedic tone, which is what most expect from a director like Taika Waititi; said director assured us that the film is “not really a comedy” FYI. He did liken the tone of the film to 1986 cult classic Big Trouble in Little China though. And I am fine with that!

There are some really great moments we’re going to have in the film. Knowing that it was Bruce Banner and Thor on kind of a road trip journey, that lends itself to a tone because those guys are both really funny. I was like you gotta exploit Chris’ comic abilities. He’s so good and underutilized in that department. He’s legitimately one of the funniest things in this film.

During a Disney’s shareholders’ meeting, some footage from Star Wars: The Last Jedi was screened, and the description of said footage has made its way online! Now we know it contained Luke Skywalker’s first words (“who are you?”) to Rey, shots of Captain Phasma, Rey lightsaber training, and more. Not happy with that, those lucky shareholders also got a couple of scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok, that include Baby Groot being adorable and Hela being menacing, respectively. The first official piece of Captain Marvel concept artwork was also shown, and it depicted Carol Danvers in “an action pose in the air, about to hit someone”.

I remember fondly the Prometheus viral ads of Michael Fassbender’s David android. Alien: Covenant continues the tradition with “Meet Walter”, where we witness the creation of Walter, Michael Fassbender’s new android and David’s successor. This one comes in brunette and slightly older.

You know that X-Men-based television drama? Producer Lauren Shuler Donner shared an picture of the cast via Twitter with the following message: “Cast reading of ‘Gifted’ #Gifted.” Yep, that’s the official title. Here’s what this is about:

The show will revolve around parents who discover their child is a mutant, and must join an underground system of other desperate families and mutant freedom fighters, trying to oppose or escape government persecution.

Here’s a clip from Star Wars Rebels, where we get a Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul rematch! Yep, after all these years, where Darth Maul will simply not die, he finally tracked Kenobi to Tatooine in what is framed to be their final battle… and if it is, we kinda know the outcome of that, right? Even if Maul managed to not die again, he sure ain’t winning that one! “Twin Suns” will air Saturday, March 18 at 8:30 p.m. ET on Disney XD.

Here’s another promo of the upcoming DuckTales reboot, where Donald Duck ain’t having such a great time with all the adventures~

And that’s it for the week. Before I go, I want to wish Happy Birthday to Wanda Sykes, Tobias Menzies, Bryan Cranston, Rachel Weisz, Oscar Isaac, Juliette Binoche, Sharon Stone and Olivia Wilde.


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