The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: For auld lang syne, my dear

Greetings, my fellow geeks! This week started and ended with bittersweet fangirl feels courtesy of Doctor Who and The Avengers, thankfully in between I got distracted by the usual and not so usual suspects, like naked aging stars and fake trailers that touched my fangirl heart. But I digress~


It’s the day of the midseason finale of  Doctor Who, not only the good-bye of long time companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill). With that in mind, the former talked about how emotional she was by it all:

I was emotional for about two weeks filming the episode and I was crying at everything. Things that weren’t even sad, anything would set me off.

After all the crying was done, we also got a preview of Doctor Who‘s Christmas episode, where we will be introduced to a new companion, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.

In less sad and quite interesting Doctor Who news, The Angel’s Kiss book, that played an important role on the “The Angels Take Manhattan” episode, will be published as if it were written by Melody Malone herself… just like in the episode!

While I was watching all the fandoms unite trying to console the Whovians, there was an ad that made the rounds on Tumblr:

Yup, that’s Tom Hiddleston in an ad for an LGBT documentary. The World’s Worst Place to Be Gay aired originally on February 14, 2011 on BBC3, and while a very poignant and interesting documentary, it has nothing to do with Hiddles. This ad is part of a series promoting the BBC’s factual content in general, but it’s always nice to know where your favs stand on this issues… although I already knew that.

August: Osage County started filming! And the first pictures of it include Benedict Cumberbatch doing a scene with Academy Award winner Chris Cooper. There’s a lot of talking, crying and embracing and I am here for this! Cumberbatch cries so prettily~ Ehem! We also have pictures of silver fox George Clooney, who is the producer.


Doctor Who‘s hangover was upon us, and after all the Whovians’ tears, we had the first reviews. Positive ones, because the article came from BBC news, LOL, but also because apparently the main newspapers in England love Moffat a tad too much.

Benedict Cumberbatch talks about his experience with motion capture for the part of Smaug in The Hobbit trilogy. He never felt “less encumbered”. LOL:

You just have to lose your shit on a carpeted floor, in a place that looks a little bit like a mundane government building. It was just me as well, with four static cameras and all the sensors. Then the boys at Weta work their magic.

My Posh Alien prince losing his shit on a carpeted floor? I want that in the Blu-ray/DVD!

Soon The Hollow Crown DVD will be released, but the DVD’s special features already leaked on the internet. Thanks, Hiddlestoners!

So Glamour UK showed its list of Sexiest Men of 2012. Robert Pattinson won for the fourth year in a row, and I like the lad fine enough, but I hope his fuzz goes down a bit after Twilight is over and done with. What’s surprising is that “newcomer” Tom Hiddleston debuted at number 2 and was deemed sexier than Johnny “number 3” Depp! Hah! The full list had nice names like Robert Downey Jr., James McAvoy, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy, etc. (yes, I only mention those I care about), but woah, ignoring Johnny Depp (again, sorry) and the winner, the Top 5 has my Ginger Princes all over it! I like this!


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