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Here’s our first look at Tyler Hoechlin as Superman together with Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl… and well, it’s a look? I mean, Hoechlin is a good-looking man, and whoever did the Photoshop here was doing him no favours. Also, the costume designer should have thought to put a turtleneck on him like in the New 52s. His neck is too long and thin (comparately) to pull off that naked collarbone look. That said, congrats on the job, Tyler!


But let’s talk about the main character in the show, who will also be the focus of a new four-show CW superhero crossover. Yep, so said executive producer Marc Guggenheim!

It’s an external threat from outside the shows that will involve Supergirl coming over to The Flash, then Arrow then Legends of Tomorrow.

Batman: The Killing Joke might not be great and favourably received by everyone who saw it, but it was sure seen by a lot of people and earned $3.8 million in two-night theatrical run! Yep, it was the most successful release from Fathom Events. I do wonder how it did in other countries.

1325 locations showed The Killing Joke on Monday night, raking in an average of $2,396 per site, with 810 theaters earning about $800,000 total on Tuesday. Monday night’s success even managed to supplant Star Trek: Beyond, which earned about $1,592 per theater.

Well, Batman might not be the only Justice League member in Suicide Squad. Ezra Miller as The Flash will be there too! His named showed up in the official cast list that was released to the press. And I guess it makes sense since Boomerang is a Flash villain? Still, I’m sure he won’t be there in the film, probably just a blink and you miss it moment. Get it? Some fans suspected a Flash appearance in the film when a shot with lightning bolts was revealed in one of the film’s trailers, and this is another instance when overthinking things pays off. Good job, geeks!

Bad news for all Sherlock and John shippers, despite years of queer baiting, Johnlock is “not going to happen” in Sherlock. And that’s the bottom line. Why? Because Mark Gatiss said so!

No matter how much we lie about other things, that this show is going to culminate in Martin and Benedict going off into the sunset together. They are not going to do it. And if people want to write whatever they like and have a great time extrapolating that’s absolutely fine. But there is no hidden or exposed agenda. We’re not trying to f*ck with people’s heads. Not trying to insult anybody or make any kind of issue out of it, there’s nothing there. It’s just our show and that’s what these characters are like. If people want to do that on websites absolutely fine. But there’s nothing there.


Remember that Avengers 3 and Avengers 4 were originally titled Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. Well, now Avengers 3 is titled Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers 4 is being called Untitled Avengers for now. Well, The Russos did say that the films will be retitled so we stop thinking of them as one large film split in half. Get that individual personality, new Avenger films!

Well, it was confirmed. The graphic designer who worked on that picture of Supergirl and Superman did Tyler Hoechlin no favors at all! Here are pictures and a video on how he looks on the set. Which is a lot times better. Also, there was one picture in particular who kind “broke” the internet. That said, all my years watching RuPaul’s Drag Race have qualified me to say that some padding was needed to achieve that look.


Finally, here are 6 new teasers for American Horror Story season 6. There is still no theme for this new season, which will take place in two separate time periods, but we might get some clues from the inspirations for the teasers! For example, the first teaser, “What’s Cooking?”, has the distinctive sound of a chainsaw with, joined to the screaming and the house in the middle of the field, remind us of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Continuing in what seems could be the same place, teaser “Sunset Stroll” featured a possible family of creepy farmers. The third teaser and the most graphic, “Post Op”, delves into torture and unnecessary medical procedures.  Then we have “Lullaby”, reminding us a bit of Rosemary’s Baby… and the fact that Lady Gaga’s The Countess had a demonic baby in season 5. The fifth one, “The Descent”, depicts the classic horror trope of some evil mofo tripping you down the stairs while in darkness. The final one, “Milli Crossing”, is quite stylized and not good for those afraid of bugs. So, I guess the theme is related to a farm.

And that’s it for the week. Before I go, I want to wish Happy Birthday to Daniel Radcliffe, Woody Harrelson, Lynda Carter, Anna Paquin, Helen Mirren, Jason Statham, Donnie Yen and Wil Wheaton.



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