The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: Cumberfact or Cumberfiction?


Benedict Cumberbatch teases us about what could be the introduction of Smaug in The Hobbit movies… then again that interview was done before the two movies turned into three so it could change now…

I think my eye might open at the end of the first film and then you’ll get the rest of me in the second.

There was also a new Cumberbatch interview and I love it! Dear Benny removed his foot from his mouth and was awkwardly cute, earnest, and broody as he should be. Also scanned here.

I’m building a home at the moment, and it would be nice to fill that home with love and life and children.

Goddammit, Cumberbatch!

Extra/extended scene between Mark Ruffalo and Harry Dean Stanton from the Avengers DVD/Blu-ray shows an existential question:

Are you a big guy that gets all little, or a little guy that sometimes blows up large?

Are they referencing Ant-Man/Giant-Man? Yes, it’s the same hero. He’s also Yellow Jacket. What can I say, sometimes heroes have personality issues~

And the Avengers DVD/Blu-ray news keeps coming! The menu shows a Civil War Digital Collection and I don’t know exactly what it is but I want it!

In casting news, Jim Carrey may play Colonel Stars in Kick-Ass 2. That could be awesome, but I also wish they’d cast someone I didn’t know~ Still, could be a good role for Ol’ Jim!

Also, Warner Japan will remake western Unforgiven into a Samurai movie and Ken Watanabe will play the part that Clint Eastwood did. OMG, it’s like The Magnificent Seven the other way around! Want!

Bruce Campbell, forever remembered for The Evil Dead, talks about the remake, expectations, references and vague answers about a possible cameo. He also talks about remakes in general.

You don’t want to remake something shot-for-shot. I can’t believe they remade Psycho – what the hell kind of a waste of celluloid is that? It’s a creative medium.

LOL, I agree~

Finally, has made a calendar showing all the Geeky Movies we look forward to until 2015. It’s glorious.


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  1. Camiele says:

    Oh my god…. SOOOOO much to comment on, so let me preface this by saying SQUEE!!!

    First things first: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA >>>>>> EVERYTHING!!! So it makes absolute sense to me that it kicked the hell out of 50 Shades of Whatthefuckery.

    Okay, Videodrome remake….? Maybe. That film’s a bit epic and if Universal has any say, it’ll be taken down a few thousand notches and I’m not too happy about that. As for the Carrie remake… Julianne Moore as the mom = yes. Everything else = HELL TO THE NAWL!!! It was the second horror film I ever saw and the ending sequence alone had me awake for two weeks afterwards. I’m kinda unhappy that this is a thing.

    As for the OldBoy remake… I’m always gonna hate that America remakes ANYTHING, but ESPECIALLY when they attempt to remake Asian cinema for an American audience. But I’m torn all about this because if there’s one director that could make it work it’s Spike Lee — and Quentin, because his style of direction is perfect for adapting anime to live action, but Spike’s ability to use lighting, sound, and subtlety probably works better for OldBoy. However, from what I can tell the cast is going to be HORRIBLY whitewashed and Samuel L., the greatest actor of all time though he may be, I fear it’ll take down the film a notch. If you can’t already tell, I’m a RAGING fangirl for OldBoy. It had me in tears the first time I watched it. The cast may be a group of good to great actors, but… I don’t know. I just… I just don’t know. It’s gonna take a LOT of understatement from these people to make this work. I don’t want this to become a mockery of the actual film, with over the top dramatics and screaming and running and… just the overall idea of what American audiences think of horror slapped on another Asian crossover. I’d be very heartbroken.

    Anyway, that’s enough about that. I guess I should watch this Gangam Style. I’ve only seen a meme with random clips of it and it LOOKS to be the funniest thing in the universe. Too bad most Korean acts in general won’t actually make it big in America without a gimmick like this. Oh well. *sigh*

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