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This year is the 75th anniversary of Captain America. As such, Marvel is unveiling a 13-foot-tall bronze Captain America at San Diego Comic-Con (July 20-24). From then, the statue will end up in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park for a dedication ceremony on August 10. Comicave Studios designed the monument, which will feature the “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn” quote from Captain America: The First Avenger. This is the sketched design:


On the other hand, whatever the Captain America film claims, Steve Rogers was originally from Lower East Side of Manhattan. Or so we knew him in the comicbooks, which are the ones that turn 75. I do wonder if this statue would look like Chris Evans.

While there’s no question that Captain America has a connection to Brooklyn, the Cap of the comics was not “a kid from Brooklyn.” Steve Rogers was the son of Irish immigrants from the Lower East Side of Manhattan like co-creator Jack Kirby, who was the son of Austrian Jewish immigrants from the LES.

Netflix has got a new deal! The CW Series’ full seasons will stream on Netflix just 8 days after their finales! And this will kick in with the 2016-17 broadcast season. The new agreement includes not only The CW’s current lineup but also any series produced over the course of the pact, which starts with the recently-wrapped 2015-16 broadcast season. Riverdale and Supergirl should be on Netflix too. Yes, this also means that The CW and Hulu are no longer BFFs.

In fascinating news, a YouTuber met the Pope and gave him a copy of the Undertale videogame. Said YouTuber is  MatPat, whom I follow because of his “film theories”, and he explained in a16 minute video why he decided to do so.

I gave the Pope this game because it speaks his language. This year is his self-proclaimed year of mercy for the Catholic church, a period celebrating forgiveness and compassion when one could otherwise choose to harm a person. And what’s the recurring theme throughout Undertale? Mercy.


There’s a new Iron Man in town, and it’s a black girl! So, Iron Maiden? Yep, new character (and genius teenager who reverse engineers one of Tony Stark’s suits) Riri Williams will be taking over. What about Tony? Does this mean he dies at the end of current event Civil War II? Not necessarily. Dude just has a crappy life right now, what with his BFF dying, his company collapsing and finding out who his biological parents are all at the same time. Riri and Tony will interact in the comicbooks. So, is Riri’s name inspired by Rihanna? And how do you deal with the internet assh*les? Well, no problem because there are many more people who want representation, or so says Iron Man writer Brian Michael Bendis.

Once Miles hit, and Kamala Khan hit and female Thor hit—there was a part of an audience crawling through the desert looking for an oasis when it came to representation, and now that it’s here, you’ll go online and be greeted with this wave of love.


Besides, Robert Downey Jr. already loves her.

Welp, Boom! Studios (the ones publishing Adventure Time and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) will publish WWE comicbooks! Yep, comicbooks about pro-wrestling and pro-wrestlers! There’s yet to be a release date for the initial wave, but artist Jamal Campbell did share a great art of the popular wrestlers John Cena:


While we don’t have a release date yet for the initial wave, we do have artist Jamal Campbell’s fantastic rendering of the ever popular John Cena, which despite his statements to the contrary, you can see above.

Bryan Cranston compared the Power Rangers reimagining to the one Batman had with The Dark Knight. OK, that could be fair. Not sure if a want dark gritty Power Rangers as canon tho.

This is as different a reimagining as the Batman television series as it became the Batman movie series. You can’t compare those two, and nor can you compare this movie version of the Power Rangers to that television series. It’s unrecognizable for the most part. There are tenets of the folklore that you hold onto for sure, but the inspiration is different, and the sensibility of it, and the approach to the film making is completely different.


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