The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: Bring the thunder!


So, the MTV Movie Awards. Everyone I wanted to win won, and the other Awards I didn’t care about. The humor was hit-or-miss though. Man, Rebel Wilson received awkward reactions from some celebrities, including poor Quvenzhané Wallis. The Hunger Games preview was awesome though. And the Iron Man 3 clip was great too! Sadly, many awards weren’t shown. At least, one of the ignored ones I did want to watch had happy results. Bilbo Baggins won Best Hero over a fight to the death with Snow White. Yup, we Tolkien nerds won over KStew fans! Yay!

This is a day full of new TV spots! We got the first ones from After Earth and Pacific Rim, a new one for Star Trek Into Darkness, and many more for Iron Man 3.

The first reaction to Iron Man 3 is out and it is mighty positive. OMG YES!

It blows the second movie out of the water, It has some amazing action sequences that are on par with The Avengers. Robert Downey Jr. brings so much to this role that he is completely irreplaceable. Shane Black was a good choice for this one, as he injected his buddy-cop movie style towards the end, and was able to balance great action scenes with a ton of comedy. I heard a lot of early trepidation about this one going for the bleak, Dark Knight style that seems to be so popular with Superhero movies these days, but that is not the case. This is by far the funniest Marvel movie to date, and handled with the same light touch as the previous films. This is a great addition to the MCU and makes me excited to go along for the ride for Phase 2.

Man of Steel wants to try at viral marketing with Michael Shannon’s General Zod being an ass and threatening Earth if Kal-El doesn’t surrender within 24 hours. Man, General Zod has shitty internet connection!

Let’s talk about the Star Trek Into Darkness score. Apparently, like everybody else, Michael Giacchino loves Benedict Cumberbatch:

It was really interesting to get inside the head of the new characters. Benedict Cumberbatch is in the film and he is amazing…In watching the film I was able to get so much out of his performance. The first piece of music I wrote for was his theme–the villain’s theme. And I’m not going to tell you who the villain is–because I’m not allowed…But watching his performance gave me an idea and I couldn’t wait to sit down and write his music for the movie.

You should know I love VFX breakdown by now, here’s one for the third season of The Walking Dead. It’s appropriately full of gore~

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods keeps kicking asses and remains #1 in Japanese box office. The numbers already tell us it was a way better investment than that American remake that shall not be named. So, come on, Fox, bring that freaking movie over here!

Peter Dinklage being awesome in an interview for Playboy, because there are some people that check Playboy for the articles~

I expected the entertainment business to see only my size and nothing else, soI wanted to pretend my size wasn’t who I was at all and do roles that had nothing to do with it. But I was completely limiting myself and my career, because it is who I am. Look at roles like Tyrion. My size is obviously why I got the part. I wouldn’t be playing Tyrion if I wasn’t this size.

UNICEF UK posted a video of Tom Hiddleston’s last day of the Live Below the Line challenge. If you are not interested in that, at least check for Hiddles lovingly craddling a baked potate with a rainbow oven mitt.


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