The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: Bandersnatch Cummerbund

Hello there, fellow geeks! The Avengers buzz is still strong as ever, thanks to the movie being recently released in the US… Still, for some reason, this past week has been all things Benedict Cumberbatch.

So without further ado, let’s start with…


It all started with obvious news… and yet, it made me so happy: The Avengers opens to record-shattering $200.3 million. Oh, my boys, I am so proud of you I might as well shed a tear. And to help them even more, I gently nudged family and friends to watch it again that day.

Of course, the Avengermania wasn’t about to stop anytime soon because then there was this preview of The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers book. There is so much scenery and costume porn in this book I just can’t!

And not only that… moments later, there was an article about the backstory of the after-credit scene that only the US got (as a prize for watching it later, they say… if so, what does Japan get, since they will watch it in freaking August!). It was a very cute read, and it made me realize that Chris Hemsworth actually spoiled that scene in an interview (check at 0:23). That sneaky handsome bastard!

It also made me realize that Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans are so freaking cute together! Chris squared FTW!

From that same series of interviews I got something else… yes, Tom Hiddleston slaying me in another language. His weapon of choice? French.

And then goes and tells us about how he would like to fight bullies… and meet Shakespeare. No, just no. You don’t get to be so awesome, Hiddleston!

Thankfully or not, that would be one of the last times I got distracted by that posh awesome Englishman. No, I would get distracted by ANOTHER posh awesome Englishman. Here’s how my week got Cumberbatch’d.

You see, Sherlock Series 2 premiered that day on the US, and Benedict Cumberbatch has been promoting the series (as you can see in this awesome video of the NY screening/Q&A event) as well as finishing his acting for Star Trek 2.

What we got for it? Two lovely interviews. In the first one, he talks, among other things, about his recent physical changes because a Star Trek villain can’t be a skinny pasty dude with curly hair. So he gets to bulk-up and use hair extensions, which makes him self-conscious. This is a 35-year-old man we are talking about, I shouldn’t have the urge to go “aww” about it. And then he talks more about how he can’t understand how people can find him sexy because he looks nothing like George Clooney or Ryan Gosling. Flawless taste in men, Benedict, but still, we find you hot, so STFU and be happy.

The other interview? He goes and says:

I want it as an excuse to just knock on Downey, Jr.’s door because I’m staying quite near his office in Venice [California, while Cumberbatch is filming Star Trek] and I just want to knock on the door and go, “I think we should have a cup of tea. We should maybe have a cup of tea and talk about this. It’s quite an odd moment in pop culture. Actually, it’s an excuse to talk to you, really, on my part because I’m a huge fan. Hello!” [Laughs.] Just do that.

Of course he is an RDJ fan. Everybody is an RDJ fan. Still, I would love to see that meeting!

But in the end, my day finished with something slightly different. An awesome video about Fan Art… although I would have liked it if they had featured some female fanartists too. Oh well, still pretty neat!


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  1. Camiele says:

    Again, your fangirliness just makes my life. Also… Bandersnatch Cummerbund… YES!!!!

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