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Before the bow-tie and the tweed, Matt Smith’s Doctor had other choices for his “uniform”. Here they are. One reminds me a tad too much of Sherlock, and the others are too… normal? In that fashion conscious way of some youth today. Man, I managed to sound old~


There’s a new Star Wars book! It’s about the “lost years” of Obi Wan Kenobi. How did he turn from Ewan McGregor into Sir Alec Guinness? The book, Star Wars: Kenobi by John Jackson, will be told from Kenobi’s perspective and will narrate how settled “into life as a distant protector of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader’s son Luke on the desert planet Tatooine”. Here’s an audio excerpt narrated by James Arnold Taylor, who also did his voice in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.


On a different note, here’s an article that tries to decipher why live-action fantasy keeps failing at the box office (besides Harry Potter, Tolkien adaptations and, ugh, Twilight). Their three possible explenations: those movies suck anyway, their studios are controling assholes who don’t respect the material, the magic looks terrible, Game of Thrones‘ fad hasn’t hit the big screen yet, and the “hero’s journey” has been done to death.


LOL damn, apparently Jeremy Lovering, the director of the first episode of Sherlock series 3, filmed some fake scenes, so even all the dozens of onlookers wouldn’t know exactly what happened. That’s kinda clever and frustrating, chaps~

So, Mycroft and Moriarty… is this the real life or is this fantasy?

Empire had a The World’s End special spoiler podcast’, and amongst the things that were talked about was that The World’s End was almost a kinda of sequel to Shaun Of The Dead:

This is going way way back, but there was at one point a really silly idea […] where we thought of doing a sequel for Shaun Of The Dead where it would be an alternate reality. Shaun would turn left instead of right and instead of it being a zombie film, it would be – I don’t know – a bodysnatchers film. And it’s funny, because we talked about it very excitedly for about an afternoon and then thought it would be impossible because we’d have to do it right now, or the actors are going to look older and it’ll all look weird.

The movie also could have been a time-traveling story:

In the very original idea for the story, they’d go back in time. But that became so unwieldy and also felt like maybe it had already been done in other movies, in Back To The Future-type films, so we ditched that and then we came up with how to end it with the same grace note at the very end.

Tom Hiddleston talks about his role as Adam in Only Lovers Left Alive with Queen Tilda Swinton. He also talks about changing his physicality “to some degree”, and how changing his weight for a role is not that worthy of praise:

I’m very sceptical of this current vogue of performances being judged according to how much weight you put on or lose, because I don’t think it’s what it’s about, truly. I just had to do more exercise and eat a bit less.

BTW, Bryan Cranston is totally not Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2 (better known as the Batman/Superman movie)… not yeat at least. Comicbookmovie wants to make that know~


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  1. amy says:

    You know what, I’m so sick of JT that let him be the Riddle and let the fans bitch about it. Maybe that will put a hiatus to his acting career.

    I felt that in regards of Hannibal… everyone knew except Lawrence Fishburne’s character. Like… I feel he thinks he knows, and he kinda does, but then he’s the last to find out and gets it totally wrong. And Will is so sick with his wonky clock and Hannibal keeps playing with him, but the one I felt most sorry for was Dhavernas’ character. The show gives me so many feelings that I’m considering whether or not I should give it a one-seat re-watch.

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