The Fangirly Diary of a Geek Girl: A good start with Fandom artists


Happy Birthday, Psy and Anthony Hopkins! Wow, I never though I’d mention these two together~


Here’s a more detailed storyline on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods. Long story short: God of destruction Bilus and his BFF Whis track down Goku on Kaio’s planet to check how strong he is. Goku gets his ass handed to him, and Bilus goes to Earth to see if “someone on Earth more worthwhile to destroy.” Yup, Z warriors are screwed… until any/all the Sayans get a power-up or something. So yeah, same old same old. I will totally watch it with a silly grin on my face, though!

Now this is interesting~ All of the Bruce Waynes morphed into one! Yup, all of them! From Adam West to Christian Bale.

Ok, while Wrath of the Titans was not that great (still way better than Clash of the Titans), I loved the design of some of their ugly mofo monsters. Here’s some concept art and VFX videos!


Box Office data of the year past! From highest to lowest grossing films, from the surprises of the year to the international box office… and yes, I am way too invested in this kind of info~

Also, here are Top 10 Most Influential People on Facebook~ Just because George Takei won! Damn, he always delivers the good stuff, whether if it’s serious business or awesome puns and memes!

Tom Hiddleston continues to fanboy his own movie~

It’s fantastic, truly. We are making an amazing film, and we’re having a wonderful time. It’s so exciting to have established characters and an established setting in the world, and we are working so hard to cook up something new. That is what is exciting to me – taking what we know, taking what we love and deepening it and giving it an extra dimension. I think director Alan Taylor is really shaping up the world of Asgard and the world of these characters.

Dammit, Hiddles, I already want to watch Thor: The Dark World too freaking much! Also, is it too much to ask for a leaked picture of you in Loki costume?

Preview of Young Avengers #2 because it’s the soon-to-be-released comic I am most emotionally invested in. Yeah, haven’t even read Young Avengers #1 as it debuts on January 23rd. But it has Gillen writing and it has Kid Loki (well, not exactly), and I loved the original Young Avengers comics… although I wish they would have kept Jim Cheung in the art though. No offense to Jamie McKelvie, but I don’t dig him as much~

Here’s an interview with Reapersun… one of my favorite fanartists and one of the reasons I’m glad I got a Tumblr account (I will later learn she has LJ and DeviantArt accounts)~ She talks about her past and future projects, her inspirations and the fandoms she works in. Also here’s a lovely image that illustrates her work process:



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