My Kdrama Obsession: The Moon That Embraces The Sun

This week, episodes nine and ten are being broadcast. Now it’s getting really good. Our fated lovers, separated for years, have finally found each other again. But our heroine doesn’t recall her past (amnesia!) and our hero doesn’t dare to believe that the heroine is really his old love – she is supposed to be dead! Dun dun dun! What is going to happen?

Will he find out the truth? Will they be able to be together at last?

What ever it is, as long as Soo Hyun keeps up the amazing acting (as the cold, plotting, intelligent, bitter and emotionally wounded king) it’s going to be one heck of a ride. I just wish Han Gain could be more… engaging perhaps? She really didn’t do much for me on Bad Guy. Is it me or does she only do this form of stoic acting? Feels like all she does is stare with amazement/shock with her big brown eyes. Have any of you guys seen some of her other works? Can you school me?

The Moon That Embraces The Sun is currently airing on Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. The other dramas competing against it, Wild Romance and Take Care of Us, Captain, don’t compare at all. The Moon That Embraces The Sun is killing in the ratings. It has already surpassed that 30% mark that is so hard to achieve. Many believe that it’s going to pass 40% and therefore go down in history as one of those hugely popular Kdramas . I would really love for it to do so. It will just be a great achievement for Soo Hyun Kim. I really wish him all the best in the world. He is really that great. (Edit: the show just broke 40% in the ratings with episode ten reaching 41.3%)

That is all for me this week. I need to go and see if The Moon That Embraces The Sun is already viewable online. I will watch it raw seeing as I don’t have the patience to wait for subs. Thank god my Korean is somewhat decent. Can’t wait to see what happens after last week’s cliffhanger! Ahh!

Authors note: So I managed to see the latest episodes before this was posted. I was left with the biggest cliffhanger ever! He knows! Aaaaahhh! What will happen now? How will I survive until Wednesday? God dammit drama! You are killing me! I will see you guys next week, that is, if I am still alive. All this suspense is making my blood pressure soar…



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