My Kdrama Obsession: How The Mighty Fall

Hi peeps! I am sorry that I am late with this post. I was in Paris enjoying some Kpop and being trolled by 2PM. But that is a story for the review of the Paris concert I am currently writing.

I just wanted to get this out quickly seeing as it’s already Friday! It means that The Moon That Embraces The Sun, Dream High 2 and Shut Up: Flower Boy Band have already aired. And although we are not close to halftime, Shut Up: Flower Boy Band won against Dream High 2.

We won over Dream High 2!

I am so sad that Dream High 2 isn’t even close to what Dream High was. The cute isn’t there, nor is the amazing music nor the plot. Dream High 2 is just so messy, and that breaks my heart even more, seeing as Jiwoon is proving to be one heck of an actor and Kang Sora is being wasted in this. She is doing her role to the best of her capabilities, but the character is just too annoying. She is supposed to be the heroine but she is so weak. Instead of working hard to achieve her dream, she keeps on giving up every step of the way. How am I supposed to root for such a character?

It’s with a heavy heart that I will keep on watching Dream High 2. It’s so bad that I don’t feel like continuing. I doubt anything can save it. Seeing as it started off bad, to save it is going to demand a miracle. Perhaps they need to add more Kim Soo Hyun cameos?

Dream High 2 fell flat on its face


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  1. Camiele says:

    So… a couple more shows to add to my backlog of Kdramas, it seems… ? I swear, Flower Boys are here to stay! Seems I’ve got quite a list of dramas to watch. :sigh: How am I ever gonna catch up? Woe is me!!!

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