My Kdrama Obsession: Dream High 2 & Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Hello everybody and welcome to my new segment, in which I will talk about my love for Kdramas as well as give a play-by-play of what I am watching every week.

I don’t think that my love for Kdramas is that big of a secret, at least if you follow me on Twitter. I spend way too much time discussing them. Since I got into them, back in 2009, it’s been a great obsession of mine. I guess that the reason I sometimes suck with getting my reviews out *cough* is because I spend so much time watching them. But I can’t help it… they are so good! And thanks to how the Korean dramas are made (between 12-24 episodes, 50-70 minutes long, two episodes a week) I can watch several per season. That answers the question as to why I write so little — I watch too much! Depending on how many I follow per season, I have around four to eight episodes I need to watch every week. That is roughly 10 hours of content I need to get through. I guess I am bad when it comes to optimizing my time, lol.

So as to the reason I love Kdramas so much, well, there are several. First and foremost, I really like the production. I feel that Korea likes to put a bit more effort into their productions. Even some of the dramas that can be deemed “telenovelas” (as in trashy, both the acting and plot) are sometimes filmed as if they are on a huge Hollywood scale. Much effort is put into costume as well as photography. Makes it easier to watch, even if the story is far from original. Also, Korean dramas tend to be one season long, so I get a nice story to really fall in love with in 16 episodes (tops) and there’s rarely a need to wait for a second season. I like that I get my story served in a certain amount of episodes. That way I don’t suffer from suspense between seasons, as well as the death of the quality/story that other long-running dramas can suffer from (*cough*Lost, Heroes, Glee*cough*). It’s a concept that works for me.


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