Meeting Milow

I think I am a little in love.

More like a whole lot in love.

I got to interview Belgian singer-songwriter Milow today. He has embarked on a European tour and is doing two shows today in Sweden. YAM got the exclusive Swedish interview, for which we are very proud.

I will admit, besides his cover of Ayo Technology, I haven’t really listened to him. So when I got the interview, I sat down and listened to his latest album, North and South. I gave it one listen, then a second one and then a third. Many of you might have experienced that feeling, when you listen to a new album and you find yourself liking every song? That was what I felt. It’s for sure going on my list of the best albums of 2011.

Me and Milow. I really need to learn to pose, fix my hair and add some makeup.

What can I say about Milow? Well, he was very charming, very talkative and very poised. We had a really nice chat and we talked about different topics. I can say that is among the best interviews I have done this year.

He plays tonight at Nalen and I am really looking forward to it. If he is this charming off stage, I can only imagine how amazing he will be on stage.

We have five tickets for the concert tonight in Stockholm as well as five for the concert tomorrow in Uppsala. More info can be found on our Facebook page.

Check out Milow’s official page for more info about his tour.


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