Making The Music [part 1]

Fabulous friends and soon-to-be-friends,

My name is Lisah. Or actually it is Lisa Halling, but aesthetically it looked better to snatch the H from my last name and put it at the end of Lisa; Lisah. Enough about my name. Now to my music.

I started playing the guitar about three years ago. Basic chords, alongside life philosophies and values started to shape into something resembling a song. One song quickly became two. Next thing I know, jams, riffs, lyrics, melodies and themes started popping out of my mind in almost annoying insensitivity. I was completely hooked and have now been doing music for about 1000 days. To all of you who would like to start singing, writing or playing music; it truly is not too late. Grab a guitar and Youtube the seven most basic chords and let your creativity run wild. You will be surprised how far you will get with a little bit of patience and only a few hours of work! Anyways, this blog is not about encouraging everybody out there to play music. I started this blog about “my music in the making” on YAM Magazine’s awesome site for mainly two reasons:

1. YAM rocks!
2. A lot of people like to listen to music and have a lot of knowledge about the actual outcomes of productions. I want to display the crazy fun but work-your-ass-off hard work that eventually shapes a good production of a song or an album. You’ll be surprised how much work we musicians put into one single note, word or audio effect.

I will do my best to explain, demonstrate and show how I, with my band and producer, go from an EP concept and idea into a finished album. Enjoy the ride!

Feel like checking out some stuff already? Go ahead, but remember, the dopest shit is about to be distributed in a few months ;)

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by Lisa Halling

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