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I think I am a little disappointed with the new album by Tohoshinki. That is probably why I haven’t convinced myself to write a review about it just yet. Sadly, it doesn’t come close to what they did with the Keep Your Head Down album.

Two different styles, two different sounds

I know it is silly to compare Kpop to Jpop, but if I compare Tone to what Tohoshinki has done before; it doesn’t cut it. Before all the Cassiopeas and Bigeasts start bashing me — yes, I am aware that the new Tohoshinki can’t be compared to the old one. I know they are doing the best with what they have.

I just hope it gets better.


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  1. Rodrigo says:

    “I think I am a little disappointed with the new album by Tohoshinki. That is probably why I haven’t got myself to write a review about it just yet.”

    So why not writing the review based on your current disappointment with it? Or you’re gonna give it a few more listens before doing it?

    • amy says:

      @Rodrigo, that’s the very reason I exactly don’t get why a blog section xD

      I’m guessing, Julyssa wants to do the lazy thing and just give her comments without having to worry about word count xD

      • Dani says:

        @amy, Or she just wants to be sure of her opinion before writing a review, since she knows that she has a tendency to change her mind on things and to avoid mistakes

        • amy says:

          @Dani, the thing about that is that your final opinion might not settle in for at least a couple of months… it might even take a year or two before you warm up to something. So minds are bound to change, no matter how sure you think you are ;)

      • Julyssa says:

        @amy, Yah! and yet see who is blogging as well….

    • Julyssa says:

      @Rodrigo, I need to listen to it again because to be completely honest, some of the songs make me cringe so bad that I can’t listen to them.

  2. amy says:

    btw, I really think both images are different because Kpop and Jpop are different markets. While Kpop tends to be more aggressive mainstream pop, Jpop might feel… that it’s too aggressive. I really think it’s a matter of markets, and that’s why I asked you whether you thought DBSK doing Japanese songs was Kpop or Jpop.

    • Julyssa says:

      @amy, I know but I feel that Tohoshinki has always done Jpop that is fresh, crisp but not too much. With Tone it’s like they went Arashi on me and I don’t like it.
      And the reason that I haven’t reviewed yet is because I want to be fair in my review. Not go all: bläh bläh bläh.

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