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Well, I for one didn’t expect this at all. There had been a rumor here and there that JYJ might be holding a concert in Europe but it felt so far-fetched. But then SM Town in Paris happened and Korea got to really see the power of the Hallyu wave – suddenly Europe came up on their radar.

Which is a blessing to all the European Kpop fans that have yet to experience this phenomena live.

I am of course taking myself to Berlin to see JYJ live. No way I would miss it. Many thanks to Open Music International for inviting me to the press conference – so expect pictures, videos and a small article about it. Are there any questions our readers have for the boys? Leave them in the comment box and I will do my best to ask them.

I will admit, I am a little anxious and nervous. One of my goals in life has been to see these guys a little closer. I just need to see if what I see in the pictures is true. Call me a silly fan, but that is just how I feel. Hopefully, I won’t faint or my flight won’t get cancelled, or… the scenarios are too many. I feel that I want this so bad that I might jinx it, so please keep your fingers crossed for me.


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  1. Justyna says:

    Oh my, I will also be in Berlin :D It’s probably my first and last chance in life to see them live! Good luck with the press-con, you lucky girl.
    my question: If you could have any kind of skill what would it be? (as in ‘I would love to be able to roll my tongue/move my ears/sing/repair everything’ Though I guess singing and dancing will not be their option ;) )

  2. xavi says:

    please tell Jaejoong that Muwon hairstyle suits him the best, thus he should keep it forever and get rid of those hideous bangs ;p

    • xavi says:

      @xavi, oh and just for the lulz ask them, whether they plan to give their fandom a name…I’ve noticed they don’t refer to their fans as Cassiopeia now=(

    • Julili says:


      Hahahah! You don’t like his current style?

      • xavi says:

        @Julili, lol I like his hair spiked up, it gives a fresh look and suits his face a lot, in Spain’s concert he had his fap-worthy forehead covered T____T ;p

        • Julili says:

          @xavi, HA. What didi you think about the Barcelona concert? It was bigger then the Berlin one. How was it to see them?

        • xavi says:

          @xavi, it was EPIC!!! and the crowd was the most enthusiastic out of all JYJ
          concerts…and I got that all from the HD fancams I saw -__- I wasn’t there
          in Spain lol

          Tell JYJ some people live in Florida too =(

  3. Anna says:

    Unfortunately I won’t be at this concert, but very much it would would be desirable that JYJ have arrived to Russia. And here my question That feels each of them when will rise on a scene and see fans which descend from them from mind?

  4. Kinda says:

    I’m a huuuuuuge JYJ fan from Egypt, though I’m doing my Masters here in Germany, so it really IS a once in a life time opportunity for me.

    My question would be: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?!

    • Julili says:


      Wow, that is what I call lucky!

      I really like you question, thank you. See u in Berlin!

      • Kinda says:

        @Julili, Oh yes, am so damn lucky this year, am afraid my life time of luck has maybe extinguished!!!!!!! I managed to see Rain in Dresden and SM TOWN in Paris!!! So I’ve seen most of the bands/ artists that I love the most. And what a finale for this year, JYJ!!!! An absolute dream come true!

        Best of luck with your interview!! I hope my luck extends just a little bit more and I stumble on them somewhere in Berlin :) Want to let them know that they have fans aaaaaall around the globe!! :D

        • Julili says:

          @Kinda, Girl! We have been to the same concerts! Hahah

        • Kinda says:

          @Julili, Seriously?!?!?! Seems like our biases are more or less the same ;)

          I have to admit, I did start to recognize some of the faces when I went to SM Town Paris!!! But it’s very nice! I’ve made some really good friends!

          Well, am in the Super VIP section, so Maybe I’ll run into you this time around! It’s going to be a blast, am counting the days now with everyone else!! ^^

          • Julili says:

            @Kinda, I don’t recognize faces seeing as I am so focused on getting inside, I can’t but have my mind on getting in to the venue.

            I will be running around all over the place but if you see me, say hi!

        • Kinda says:

          @Julili, True I know what you mean. But if u spend like 10 hours waiting in line as I had to do in SM Town sincr t I was fose, u have plenty of time to look around ;)

          Have fun and once again good luck in ur interview :)

  5. Well, now that you’ve got me obsessed, it would be unsightly of me NOT to ask a question so. I’ve got two and you can choose which one you think is best. I trust you…seeing as we’re like the same person…HaHa!

    1) What’s the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard?
    2) When your heart is broken, what do you do make yourself happy again? (It’s kind personal and dramatic…but I figure it’s an interesting way to get them to be a bit introspective).

    Anyway, you choose.

  6. Vavole says:

    I’m going to their Berlin concert, so excited! :D

    I would like to ask them:

    1- Have you find any differences between European and Asian fans?
    2- Have you ever thought about holding fanmeeting, aside from concerts, in Europe?

  7. Marita says:

    What was your first impression of the european fans? ^w^

  8. Aleksandra says:

    Regarding @xavi question for ‘lulz’ I think it’s inappropriate to ask them such question… their fan-club was named Cassiopeia because the FANS THEMSELVES named it so not TVXQ members. Beside everyone knows that the fandom is divided in fans that are still Cassiopeia (supporting JYJ from TVXQ & HoMin from TVXQ) and fans that support JYJ only because they are fans of one of the members and they name themselves JYJ Family. It would be disrespectful to ask them such question especially now when fans are divided and they are in the middle of lawsuit and they have more urging problems to think about… Beside most of the fans going on those concerts are Cassie’s – everyone seen the red oceans – that is a color only of one fan-club…

    My Question would be: If they eat any national food in Spain & Berlin. Also if they did eat some, which they liked the best?

    • pheonixia says:

      @Aleksandra, lol JYJfans also use red lightsticks we just don’t call ourselves Cassies anymore.

      • Aleksandra says:

        @pheonixia, It’s their thing to use red light sticks but RED represents Cassiopeia & TVXQ members from 2004 already… =.=
        Also JYJ still thinks of themselves as TVXQ members ad so do Cassie’s so what else color would they use? The boys love red color lol
        And to make it more correct – It’s not about the color but the question itself. You can’t go and ask JYJ how they want to name their fandom as fandoms name themselves not the artists… and JYJ are still in eyes of law members of TVXQ if You like it or not and that is why Cassiopeia and color red is still their official color/fanclub.
        It not means JYJ only fans are not important or something… I am just stating the facts… not to mention JYJ members still feels as TVXQ members in their hearts so why question it? I think they don’t call their fans by any fanclub name right now coz they themselves know fandom is divided and beside with all the lawsuit with SM they can’t openly call Cassiopeia name… but it not means they don’t give us signs ^^ The situation is just to complicated as of now so please let’s refrain from asking them unappropriated questions…

  9. mariela says:

    well I’m a bit far from berlin but hints here my questions

    1. What’s the most embarrassing moment they have had where their faces were red like tomatoes?

    2. What has been the most extravagant gift you have received from their fans?

    3. Have you ever thought about having foreign brides (European,South American, North American? (Be honest)

    4. What perfume or creams usually use?

    hugs and kisses to all from Lima-Peru (yeah south america XD)

  10. fifi_moon says:


    My question is: as you release songs/albums fans are able to see your artistic growth, from the quality of self production to the quality of songs you are writing. Does the satisfaction that you get from this what keeps you going through all the difficult and frustrating times?

    I changed it a little !

  11. fifi_moon says:

    Is being ableto demonstrate to yourself and your fans your continuous artistic growth satisfying? Does this satisfaction keep you motivated during the hard times?

  12. Anum says:

    I am happy for you and hope you have a good time with the members. The question I was hoping you can ask is: what animals come into mind when they look at each other and why?

  13. creamcheese03 says:

    My question (don’t laugh!) would be:

    Why do you like music? What does music mean to you?

    It seems silly, but I used to just listen to music and have no feeling towards it, and then I listened to TVXQ and now I’m a music minor in college. There is something about music that fascinates me. The endless possibilities and the complexity is amazing.

    Of course, singers like music, but why?!

    Have fun at the concert (for all of you that are going)!!! I went to the one in New Jersey. AMAZING!

    • Julili says:


      So TVXQ inspired you to study music? That is really amazing. TVXQ pretty much inspired me to start YAM.

      • creamcheese03 says:


        Sort of. I used to play piano and had to stop for a while. I then realized how much I missed it. However, because of TVXQ, I realized music can be beautiful and that it is universal. I can feel the emotion of the song even though I have no idea what they’re saying. I then wanted to learn more about the technical aspects of it. I guess if I never heard TVXQ, I never would have become fascinated with music. :)

        I wonder if they know how much of a difference they are making in our lives….

  14. Cassioclare says:

    My question would be

    What are your plans for the world tour next year? Will you be visiting more Asian/ South-east Asian countries e.g. Singapore?

    Asian fans do miss you guys a lot! Please don’t forget us =)

  15. Lilly says:

    Hi there!

    OMG, you’re so lucky! I hope you have a greeeeat time together with our boys!

    Would it be too much to ask them about their plans for Latin America, please?

    Thanks for the opportunity, and enjoy the show!

  16. alexandradita says:

    Yeah, I’m happy for European Cassies! I’m far away here in Indonesia, so it would be nice if you could deliver my question, “Why are Chun and Jae always bully pure Junsu?!” I know it’s silly, but I want to know the answer from them. :))
    Please tell them to come to Indonesia. I really want to meet them in my life before I die! LOL
    Thank you! :))

    • Julili says:

      @alexandradita, I bet they will answer: because it is so easy! Hahah Jae and Chun can be so devilish sometimes ^^

  17. ryuu says:

    Hey,you lucky girl..!I’ve been to their showcase before,but it’s not enough!I hope they will hold a concert,in my country.. ;A;

    And here’s my question.I know this is a bit ridic and lol-worthy,but yeahh..LOL

    -To Yoochun,do you know the term Chunface,that international fans used to describe you?LMAO

    • Julili says:

      @ryuu, HAHAHA jjang question!

      Where are you from and where did u see JYJ before?

      • ryuu says:

        @Julili, I’m from Malaysia..they came to Malaysia for the showcase’s not enough.I need to see more of them.. ;A;

        about my question,i’m dead serious about that lol..been wondering abt that since I’ve to know that term.dont know who actually created the term lol.

        • Julili says:

          @ryuu, I have also heard of that term and I haven’t really thought of where it came from. Might be something from all the funny faces he makes.

        • ryuu says:

          @julili yea,it is because of his funny,dork and ugly faces he made.LOL..i’m curious who created the term..but i’m more curious if Yoochun know abt,he know english,so mybe he have heard of it before?ekekek…^^

  18. pheonixia says:

    From all the questions I read I really want to hear the answers to:

    1. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?!
    2. Have you ever thought of holding fanmeetings in non-Asian countries?
    3. Why do you like music? What does music mean to you?

    My questions would be:
    1. Jaejoong please tweet more about Jiji TT___TT
    2. The major entertainment companies in Korea have all created youtube account. Why does JYJ not do so?
    3. If possible can JYJ do more covers of songs and post them online? -especially in other languages-

    If you have to pick one pick number 2. That is a question I have been wondering about for a while…..

    • Julili says:


      Hi! Thank you for your questions. JYJ do have a youtube channel. It was created for their tour but it’s a channel nonetheless. They could always rename it

      But the youtube question was really good! And yess! More tweets about Jiji!

      Personally, I would love for JYJ to sing more in Spanish :P

  19. alize says:

    hi ….my questions….

    1-why do you like to do sexy solos ?{ it refers to chunni }….i think his vioce is more suitable for songs like the empty space for you and kiss the baby sky ….

    2- can you sing bolero again ?? how about kiss the baby sky ?? i really like these songs …..

  20. Happy says:

    Will they have a international fan club so that fans can get concert tickets, goods, cds, DVDs more easily?

  21. We have many questions!.. but.. We only want to know if they know they have many fans in PERU!. and if at some point plan to visit our country.

    Thank you so much for this oportunity… is so much important for us!!

    Thank You!

  22. sara says:

    i have a question and its really important for me ….

    yoochun has asthma do you know about it ?? and my question is ….why does he keep smoking ?? and why do they drink alot ?? is it normal in korea ?? you know they drink too much and it makes me really concern about their health
    and i want to tell micky ….you have a great voice please be careful about your voice

    • Julili says:

      @sara, Hi Sara! Thank you for your question.
      I have been to Korea two times and I can tell you that drinking and smoking is part of their culture. The do drink a lot and they do smoke a lot.

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