Kpop and Swing

I am always amused about some trends that come and go in Kpop. There was one time last year when all the girl groups came out with “dark/dangerous” themes. A whole lot of dark eyeliner and trying to be all badass.

Just recently a small disco-theme was going on, with some girl groups releasing retro-esque songs with heavy disco sounds. It didn’t last long, but somehow it feels like Kpop always decides one thing to go for and everybody jumps on it.

Right now it’s a somewhat casino/swing/60’s/big band theme going on. It started with Joong Hyun Kim and the single to his upcoming second minialbum, Lucky Guy.

I am not feeling the song that much. I was hoping for better things after his Break Down EP, with all the sexiness and rnb songs. Now he has destroyed his hair and he looks malnourished. What happened? I digress, the MV does look fun and a little dapper. Can’t complain too much.

Then we have girl group Secret. They are also about to release an album and they are, of course, going at it with full force (they are competing against SNSD, who are also about to come back with an album).

See the similarities between the two? I bet more Kpop acts are going to be following this trend.


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  1. Dani says:

    Yes please let 2PM follow this trend

  2. Lars says:

    I just hope that SNSD wont go there, or T-ara. I need these girls to be all “future” how boring it ever might be.

    • Julili says:

      @Lars, Well, from the teasers we got from SNSD I would say they are definitely not going there. It seems more 80’s Janet Jackson and I love it. I just really hope the full product is better then the teaser. Or else I will be so sad again.

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