Julyssa’s Jukebox – The Eurovision Edition

Europe has Eurovision fever! And I couldn’t care less. Once upon a time, I used to really like and enjoy Eurovision, but now, it’s all so hyped and exaggerated that the fun of it is dead. Very dead.

For those of you that don’t know what Eurovision is, it’s a music competition in which every country in Europe sends in a representative. Then they all battle each other, people from all Europe cast their votes and a winner is chosen. That winner gets to host Eurovision the next year.

Now, I understand how important Eurovision if for Europe, the hosting country gets a great boost in tourism, everybody spends money and in all, the economy spins a little faster. But Eurovision has turned into such a cliche, it’s painful to watch. Before, the Eurovision used to be a great family get-together, now it feels like everybody ridicules it. Which saddens me, seeing as I am a huge pop addict, Eurovision is an obsession of mine. I hate it, but dammit,  I obsess about it so much. How can I not? It’s like the Olympics in music. What makes a winning song? Why do some songs win over others? And why is the UK always last (lol)?

Well, seeing as the Eurovsion is going on high, specially today since it is the grand finale, I can’t but be bombarded with Eurovision songs. As I am typing this a Eurovision song came on the radio.

1. Loreen – Euphoria

The Swedish representative for this year’s Eurovision contest. Now, I think this song is really good and it’s a great representative song — it is club friendly, it has a nice chorus and it works with today’s music trends. Thing is that the Swedish media is so sure that Looren is going to win that they can’t shut up about it. Watch her stumble to the finish line and Russia steal the deal.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the song and I hope that it wins, but at the same time I don’t. If Sweden wins then the Swedish media won’t shut up about it. It’s bad enough anything being written in the news right now is Eurovision related.

2. Danny – Amazing

Oh Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny. I really think you’re amazing (pun intended) and I wish that you could escape the horrible landscape that is the Swedish music scene. Place is too small for you and I wanted you to represent Sweden in the Eurovision just so that you could get the recognition you deserve. Hopefully, next year!

3. Buranovskiye Babushki – Party For Everybody

This song will win, not because it’s good, but because Europe likes to troll like nobody else. Mark my words.

4. Alcazar – Not A Sinner Nor A Saint

It’s been nine years and I am still salty this song didn’t win the Swedish finals and go all the way to the Eurovision final. I am sure that it would’ve won. So sure that I am still mad that Sweden refused to send a great song to represent. So, so, so mad.

5. ABBA – Waterloo

And, of course, I need to close this little list with the best song Sweden ever sent to the Eurovision. Funny that Sweden won with a song about a French dude. Oh, the irony.


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  1. amy says:

    You’re not alone in your Eurovision love/hate relationship haha. Anyway. DUDE. Abba. Waterloo. Enough. xD Alcazar (from the YT screencap), it reminds me of the UK’s Steps. LOL

    AND OMG, did the russian old ladies win? I have no idea xD I guess not. LOL Europe is trolling you by not being Europe. LOL The Swedish media is trolling you. LOL

  2. Mirella Snape says:

    Yesterday I watche Eurovision live for the first time (online) while I Skyped with my BFF who’s living in Finland :D
    The Finnish did want Buranovskiye Babushki to win XD And maybe I am a troll but I liked that one better than the one that actually won!
    Talking about trolls, I was also checking Mark Gatiss’ Twitter comments about Eurovision at the same time… it was so entertaining!
    Yes, I was multitasting so much XD

    • Julyssa Diaz says:

      @Mirella Snape, Hahah I kept hearing that the BBC stream and their commentator was the most funny part of the Eurovision. I should’ve watched that cus the Swedish brodcast was just so boring!

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