Journey of a Cassie Part Six – 10 Years

I was buried in fan meetings, variety shows, behind-the-scenes specials… everything! (including dance practices like this one:)

Then came the time for me to actually see them sing live, and as anyone who’s read this ridiculous journey of mine in the past [1], you know that’s when my soul no longer belonged to me. Seeing these kids with anime good looks be able to not only hold a tune but truly have the voices of all the angels in the firmament…? I was no more good! Their harmonies just threw me for a loop. I wasn’t expecting a pop group to be able to pack that much of a punch vocally. Man, I’ve never been so happy to be proven so wrong in my entire life. I was actually looking through compilations and came across this one:

Cue my becoming part of the craziest fan club to ever fanclub, Cassiopeia. I immersed myself in DBSK headfirst, rifling through fancams of concerts, interviews, photos. And beyond, a group of the most dedicated and accomplished authors I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, many of whom I actually work with now! DBSK fanfics are some of the most inspiring works of literature I’ve ever been fortunate to read [1]. The smut is extra smutty, but the care taken to develop each character (often times in alternative universes, but more often than not taking the parts of each member’s personality and applying it to real-world situations in which they interact) is exquisite. Side note: Whoever says fanfiction isn’t real literature is just deluding themselves into believing literature can only be considered such if it’s in Barnes and Noble.

And none of that even compared to my introduction to the Banjun Dramas the boys took place in. I was searching for more information on the boys, naturally, and I stumbled across Dating on Earth, not at all realizing what I was getting myself into. When I say I fell deeper and deeper in love with Yuchun, I shit you not, I completely gave my heart and any other internal organ he may need to his cause as a human being. The entire Banjun series was just pure corn and comedy, but Dating on Earth was a whole new level of OMFG!

It was a never-ending cycle of despair and perfection that I’ve both at times regretted but more often than not had the most incredible time of my life being a part of.

Then, Julyssa dropped the bomb on me, something that I’ve been trying to reconcile ever since I got invested in the group.


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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  1. Tidshii says:

    I’m TVXQ’s fan since their first debut…10 years already…
    And I “Always keep the faith”….^^
    They will be 5 again….I believe so…

  2. Deliane says:

    That was definitely a walk down memory lane.. :) Thank you

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