Journey of a Cassie Part Six – 10 Years

It all started with a heart beat…

10 years ago, five awkward teenagers, all with differing backgrounds and all with alarmingly gorgeous voices, stepped on stage and started on the track to becoming one of pop music’s biggest groups. 10 years later, this group remains one of South Korea’s most important contributions to history (it sounds outlandish even to me, but then looking at the impact they’ve had on music worldwide, especially for the Japanese market, it’s not hard to believe). They have some of the most hardcore fans, seriously, Beatles or Jackson 5 level hysteria when these cats move even three inches. They still hold the record for largest fan club (Cassiopeia) and continue to garner fans worldwide. If you can say nothing else about DBSK, you have to at least admit they’ve managed to impact people’s lives far beyond Asia… from the Americas, Europe, even Africa. Fans heard them for the first time and just couldn’t quit them.

For most fans it started a decade ago on Christmas — these bright-eyed kids from different parts of South Korea came together with a dream of being able to perform on stage and got the chance to do just that at BoA and Britney Spears’s Christmas Special. For me, it started four years ago. A friend of mine (by now you know it’s Julyssa) said, “Hey, do you know about DBSK?” And of course, the unsuspecting innocent that I was, I answered in the negative. She showed me the video for Junsu’s Intoxication, if you can believe it! (Still side-eyeing you for that one, Jules…)

Then I did some digging on my own and, lo and behold, Mirotic… WHAT?!

My downward spiral was pretty much fast-tracked after that.


As unexpected as my path was to loving all things weird, more unexpected is my ability to get attention for writing about the stuff.

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  1. Tidshii says:

    I’m TVXQ’s fan since their first debut…10 years already…
    And I “Always keep the faith”….^^
    They will be 5 again….I believe so…

  2. Deliane says:

    That was definitely a walk down memory lane.. :) Thank you

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