Interviews, interviews and more interviews!

I am about to collapse under the amount of interviews we are doing here on YAM. We have so many amazing people we have interviewed, so many amazing people to interview, and it’s just… how am I going to have the time to write everything down as well as edit it all!? But as always, when we at YAM love something, we love it hard, so somehow we make it work (more like we don’t sleep).

Peter had a great interview with Michael Kiwanuka; I was able to interview Kim Jung Tae via director Lee Jung Yoon (thank you so much for the help!); Amy has this amazing interview planned with this other director (can’t give away any details, but I am mad giddy about it!); and today I sat down with the lovely Elliphant.

Me and Elliphant. Ignore my bad attempt at a pose..

I had such a great time with Elliphant. We met up, bought a burger and then went out to talk outside of the Stockholm Public Library. Elliphant is a very laid back and nice girl! A real pleasure to talk to her.

I do love doing interviews, although they are among the most time consuming articles to prepare (with booking a time to meet the person being interviewed, meeting them, talking with them, then home to transcribe the interview, edit it and then post it). But they are also the most fun ones to do. Well, you need to work hard to have fun right?

Anyways, need to get back and prepare more interviews, edit my Kim Jung Tae one, transcribe the Elliphant one and book some other interviews. Much happening at YAM HQ! We are super busy.

Who do you wish we could interview? Or do you know great artists that need some exposure? Hit me up! We are always looking for great acts to write about. I wanna interview Robyn and Meryl Streep… I think I should do something about it.

Until later YAMmies!



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  1. amy says:

    You forgot the time to prepare for the interview! You can’t go with a blank page for it, so you need to stack up with films, shorts, or music videos and albums! So it’s a few hours scattered through a couple of days of preparations… at least.

    Don’t forget about Tippi Hedren, Rick Baker, Aziatix, Yellow Monsters, Far East Movement… and also SingerSen!!!

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