Interview Woes

Tomorrow I have an interview with Snow Patrol. They are about to release their new album Fallen Empires on November 14th. We shared the music video to Called Out In The Dark [MV] from the album here on YAM. A good song if you ask me.

Although I know a bit about Snow Patrol, I am a little stressed. When you do an interview you don’t want to come out as a fool. A lot of homework needs to be done, a whole lot of research. You want to ask relevant yet interesting questions. Not the same general questions that artists always get:

What/who inspired you to do this song/album/whatever?
How did the process of making this album come along?

So thank god that we have some great readers! I asked yesterday on our Twitter and Facebook if you guys had some questions. Amy posted it on our Weibo and we got some great responses! Thank you all! I am right now going through your questions and organizing them in a nice order. Thank god for the internet; does half my job.

But still, interviewing people is not always easy. I usually rely on my good social skills and ability to mingle. Mingle and small-talk will take you far during an interview. Behave, be mature and make sure to listen. You will get a whole lot of follow-up questions from the things that you snap up. You need to be apt and quick.

Snow Patrol is going to be an interesting interview to do. They are, after all, veterans in the music field and there seems to be some hype around the new album. Much to talk about I am sure.

But the interview I am really looking forward to is the one with James Morrison. Excuse me as I squeal a little. For one, the man is handsome and a good singer. I have listened to him off and on since he debuted. His latest album The Awakening is soulful and lovely mellow. The kind of album you listen to when your heart is a little broken. My review will come up in a few.

And I don’t know why but I can’t stop listening to this song:

New favorite band? Oh yes. Need to seem them live soon! Good music to relax to while I have some interview woes.

Wish me luck will you?


Music is all I do: I work in music, I write about music, I listen to music.

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  1. Ajitae says:

    Hi julili, My internet connection is very slowly, but i like your posts, inspirative and innovative.
    Keep your posts update, thanks you very much….

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